Speed Your Cloud Computing Journey With the Customer Enablement Services of AWS
86% of enterprises say they are cloud-first, but those same customers still spend 88% of their IT budget on-premises. AWS Professional Services (ProServe), AWS Managed Services (AMS) and AWS Enterprise Support are “how” enterprise customers move from experimentation and decentralized usage to large-scale migration and datacenter closure. In this tech talk, learn how we enable customers to address the biggest problems they face with cloud adoption and learn how other customers have leveraged ProServe, AMS, and Enterprise Support to empower them to go “”all-in”” with AWS.

Learning Objectives:
– Understand how AWS Managed Services can be your onramp and “”training wheels”” to achieve a cloud-first mindset
– Learn how to leverage Enterprise Support entitlements to prevent issues before they arise
– Learn about AWS Professional Services offerings and how they help you achieve the agility promised by cloud computing

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