PTS: Build OTT platform on top of AWS Media Services
Public Television Service (PTS) is the first independent public broadcasting institution in Taiwan. After running opensource media streaming software on Amazon EC2s, they realized the effort of managing underlying infrastructure is not efficient. The managed AWS Elemental media services take out the human effort of infrastructure management, and provide better scalability, realiability and video compression rate.

公視是台灣第一家獨立營運的公共電視台。經過使用 EC2 架構安裝開源的媒體串流軟體提供 OTT 服務一段時間後,他們理解到管理底層基礎架構的不易。AWS Elemental 託管式媒體服務減少了公視在人力維運上的成本外,還提供了良好的架構彈性、穩定性以及更高且好品質的影片壓縮比。

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