Model a DynamoDB Database for a Mobile App – AWS Virtual Workshop
Let’s say you are building a mobile application to upload photos. Users upload photos through your application, and friends can view their photos. Your application is a social application, so users want to find and follow friends. By following a friend, a user receives notifications of the friend’s new photos and can message the friend. Finally, users can react to a photo with one of four emojis— a heart, a smiley face, a thumbs up, or a pair of sunglasses. In this episode, you learn how to model your DynamoDB table to handle all of the access patterns in your mobile application.

Learning Objectives:
– Advanced data modeling patterns while building a mobile application backed by DynamoDB
– How to build the data model for an example mobile application that includes a social network
– How to design your DynamoDB data model to achieve fast, consistent performance

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