Maximize the Performance of HPC Applications with the Latest AWS Services and Best Practices
Ignite your high performance computing workloads with the latest HPC services: AWS ParallelCluster, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) C5n, Elastic Fibe Adaptor (EFA), FSx Lustre, and more. This session offers a true deep dive into how to run these demanding simulations with the latest AWS services. Suggestions are also provided for achieving the best performance as well as the best price performance. Cloud offers a highly available and robust computing capability for calculations, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), structural mechanics, and weather prediction. This presentation provides a deep dive into optimizing HPC on AWS and includes: a review of the latest instance types and how to select an instance for your workload, a review of storage solutions targeting HPC workloads, and a deep dive into network options for high performance computing solutions on AWS.

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