Marketing Your Open Source Project
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Deirdré Straughan

Your open source project competes with millions of others for users, contributors, and perhaps financial support. To stand out from the crowd, you need marketing. If that term makes you shudder (or if you simply think you don’t know how), don’t worry. Deirdré Straughan takes you through what you need to know about open source marketing.

Deirdré details what marketing is (and isn’t), explains why and how you need to do it, and provides practical examples and case studies. Join in to get an overview of marketing tools, and when each is useful, and a guide to the time and resources you’ll need. Along the way, Deirdré explains the importance of overall customer experience (a.k.a. community) and what that implies for your project. You’ll come away knowing why marketing matters, even when you’re not trying to sell something—along with some helpful tips and shortcuts.
What you’ll learn

-Discover what marketing (really) is and why your open source project needs it
-Understand marketing strategies and related activities that can help a project and community grow and thrive
-Learn useful tips and shortcuts for developing content and other marketing materials
-Get a primer on the importance of a healthy community in attracting users and contributors to a project

Slides and full notes:

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