Machine Learning-Powered Contact Center Analytics with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
Your contact center is the biggest touchpoint between you and your customers, and every engagement can provide your team with powerful insights. With Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, customer service supervisors can quickly and easily discover emerging themes and trends from customer conversations, directly in Amazon Connect. In this tech talk, we’ll show you how Contact Lens for Amazon Connect transcribes contact center calls to create a fully searchable archive, including sentiment analysis and silence detection to improve customer service agents’ performance. You’ll learn how to surface valuable customer insights from every conversation with integrated machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing you to deeply understand your customer conversations and take the appropriate actions without having to manually audit every contact.

Learning Objectives:
*Explore how with little coding, you can analyze call and chat transcripts, customer and agent sentiment
*Learn to uncover potential risk and find and address the conversations where your attention is needed most
*Give your contact center supervisor the tools to draw powerful insights to help improve your agent’s and customer’s experience

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