Learn How to Use Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration for AWS IoT Core – AWS Online Tech Talks
Producing an Alexa built-in device can be costly, complex, and time consuming. The AVS Integration for AWS IoT Core is a new feature that shifts storage and compute intensive tasks from a physical device to the cloud. This makes it easier and more cost effective to produce Alexa built-in devices, as you can now produce MCU-based Alexa built-in devices. These don’t incur AWS IoT Core messaging costs and use partner development kits that include out-of-the box connectivity to AWS IoT Core, AVS qualified Audio Algorithms for Far-Field voice pickup, Echo Cancellation, Alexa Wake Word, and AVS for AWS IoT application code. This tech talk will teach you how to use the AVS Integration for IoT Core together with an NXP development kit to quickly and cost effectively build differentiated, voice-forward products.

Learning Objectives:
– Use the AVS Integration for AWS IoT Core to produce an Alexa-built in device
– Build a cloud infrastructure using AWS IoT services to support your smart products’ life cycles
– Leverage the NXP i.MX 106A development kit to quickly prototype a device and, when you’re ready, port the implementation to your chosen MCU design for testing and device production

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