Kumparan Enjoys Rapid Scale and Time to Market with AWS
Learn how you can leverage Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (https://amzn.to/30vf6kS) and Amazon CloudFront https://amzn.to/2ScojeF for your business.

Kumparan is the first hybrid digital media platform in Indonesia hosting various content, news, articles, with the aim to share stories to people across Indonesia. Kumparan runs all their application platforms, from mobile site application, desktop site application and API gateway on the Kubernetes platform on AWS, leveraging Amazon EC2 and Autoscaling Group capabilities. They also use Amazon CloudFront for DNS management, Amazon S3 for binary data as well as AWS Cost Explorer that helps analyze instances, features, or products used to optimize monthly costs. By using AWS, they have been able to scale rapidly and enjoyed reduced time to market, requiring only 10-15 minutes to spin up new instances for new workloads.

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