Intro to Java on AWS – AWS Online Tech Talks
AWS offers a range of familiar developer tools to help application developers easily build applications on AWS. In this tech talk, you’ll learn about the basics of Java on AWS, including the AWS SDK for Java, Intellij IDEA, Amazon Corretto, the AWS Cloud Development Kit, and more. We’ll provide a live code demo to show you tips and tricks for leveraging purpose-built Java APIs for different AWS services including Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn how you can leverage the AWS SDK for Java to easily code Java APIs for AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon ECS, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and more
*Learn how you can develop an AWS CDK application in Java and quickly assemble AWS infrastructure
*Learn how you can use Amazon Corretto to develop and run Java applications on popular operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS

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