Increasing the Use and Value of Earth Science Data and Information
The Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is a nonprofit member organization supported by NASA, NOAA, and USGS, with a belief that the quality of life, economic opportunities, and stewardship of the planet are enhanced by regular use of timely, scientifically sound Earth science data. Many agencies, academic institutions, and scientists rarely have the resources and expertise to explore computationally intensive Earth science research in the cloud. Still, the opportunity is within reach. Through small grant funding, AWS Cloud research credits, and community input, ESIP’s lab supports projects aimed at adopting community-accepted best practices in scientific data management and analysis. In this session we highlight several lab projects, including how one team is leveraging the Pangeo project on AWS to build an open-source pipeline to infer snow cover at meter-scale resolution from CubeSat data, using machine learning.

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