How to Build Scalable Web Based Applications for Less with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
Amazon EC2 offers a wide variety of compute instances that are well suited for every use case, from static websites to supercomputing on-demand, all available via highly flexible pricing options. In this tech talk, we will cover how to deploy web based applications at scale by using EC2 Auto Scaling. Learn how to use EC2 Launch Templates to power and deploy an EC2 Auto Scaling group using a combination of On-Demand and Spot Instances behind a load balancer to cost optimize your workload.

Learning Objectives:
*Provision and scale infrastructure at the lowest possible cost by combining different EC2 purchase options
*Learn how to leverage the full scale of the AWS cloud and EC2, EC2 Auto Scaling and Launch Templates
*Learn how to streamline and simplify the launch process for large scale workloads on EC2

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