Getting Started with Migrating Data Online to Fully-Managed Amazon ElastiCache
Managing Redis Cluster on your own can be hard. You have to provision hardware, patch software, backup data, and monitor workloads constantly. With the newly released online migration feature from Amazon ElastiCache, you can now easily move your data from self-hosted Redis on Amazon EC2 to fully-managed Amazon ElastiCache, cluster-mode disabled. In this tech talk, you’ll learn that, once you provide ElastiCache-endpoint and port of your Redis cluster, ElastiCache will replicate the data from your cluster in real-time to your ElastiCache cluster. Once the data sync is complete, you can update your client applications to start using the newly-populated ElastiCache cluster.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how fully-managed Amazon ElastiCache is highly available, scalable and easy to manage
– Learn how the online migration tool will help you migrate your Redis Clusters off EC2 with ease
– Get hands-on with the feature and learn how you can get started with an easy demo

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