Generating PR for Your Early Stage Startup [Fast Company, CNET, Battery Ventures]
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While paid media and press releases can help drive traffic to your startup, it’s costly and out of reach for many early founders. Plus, throwing money at the problem can only get you so far. Earned media coverage – free news stories, magazine write ups, blogs, etc., is what truly helps a startup scale.

Fast Company, CNET, and Battery Ventures break down how to score free media coverage. Hear insider secrets on what inspires the media to cover a founder, or a startup, and how to build relationships with journalists in order to lean on them when the time is right. They share why they chose certain startups, over others, to cover along with the great and bad ways to pitch them.

Harry McCracken, Technology Editor, Fast Company
Connie Guglielmo, VP, Editor In Chief, CNET
Rebecca Buckman, VP Marketing Communications, Battery Ventures

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