Felix Gray Takes the Strain out of the Eyeglass Market
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The startup ecosystem is arguably getting more crowded and with increased competition, it’s becoming harder to grow a consumer base and raise funding. But for eCommerce startup, Felix Gray, they’re driving innovation in the eyewear industry by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Their computer glasses deliver a better experience for anyone in front of a screen, in an rapidly commoditizing market.

Co-founders David Roger and Chris Benedict, along with CTO Houtan Fanisalek, walk us through how they engineered the technology behind their eyewear and cover best practices from ideation to production. They’ll also share their playbook on how to beta test your product with an expanded audience to generate sales, social buzz, and a better understanding of your customers.

David Roger, Co-founder, Felix Gray
Chris Benedict, Co-founder, Felix Gray
Houtan Fanisalek, CTO, Felix Gray

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