End User Computing on AWS: Secure Solutions for the Agile Enterprise – AWS Online Tech Talks
If you have contingent workers, remote workers, or conduct M&A, you understand that today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. They’re working from distant offices, on the go, and moving from one project to the next. And, they’re collaborating across borders, time zones, and organizations. We built AWS End User Computing (EUC) services to give you the agility to respond to the changing needs of your workforce. You can scale up or scale down on-demand, providing your users with the resources they need, all without deploying and operating infrastructure. In this tech talk, learn how tens of thousands of companies are accelerating their cloud migration with WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0.

Learning Objectives:
*Understand why companies are moving their VDI workloads to AWS
*Learn how companies with contingent workforces are increasing security and agility while lowering costs
*Learn how companies are enabling remote working with virtualized desktops and applications

***To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/products/end-user-computing/

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