Data Warehousing 2019 Year-in-Review and 2020 Predictions – AWS Fireside Chat
AWS customers collectively process many exabytes of data each day to power analytics for the most successful organizations around the world. From connecting people with great local businesses at Yelp to engaging players at Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, data is at the heart of business success. Join us for our fireside chat to learn about the four areas the Amazon Redshift team invested in on behalf of our customers in 2019, and to hear predictions about what to expect in 2020. You’ll gain an understanding of what’s driving success with other companies, and how you can take advantage of technical innovations to ensure you are getting the most out of your analytics.

Topics covered:
– Top innovations in the cloud data warehousing market in 2019
– Trends in analytics, like using a lake house approach
– Predictions for data and analytics in 2020

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