Building Real-Time Audio and Video Calling in Your Applications with the Amazon Chime SDK
Companies today are seeking to increase engagement with customers by enabling seamless audio and video calling experiences in their applications. For example, video calling in a tele-health app to connect patients and doctors or video calling in banking or retail kiosks to connect customers with centralized sales or support advisors. Amazon Chime SDK provides a set of pre-built real-time communication building blocks such as Javascript Client-side SDK, Server-side APIs via AWS SDK, and Media Services that application developers can use to quickly add rich real-time communication experiences to their own applications. In this tech talk, we will talk about where and how to use the SDK with a detailed demo and code walkthrough. We also hear from developers at Mitel, a leading unified communications provider, on how they used the SDK in their new meetings applications to deliver high-quality communication and collaboration experience to their customers.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn about the use cases of Amazon Chime SDK
*Review the javascript client interfaces and server-side APIs. See examples of how an app can interact with the SDK
*Understand how to get started and build with the Amazon Chime SDK

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