Building Hyper-Personalized Customer Service Using Freshworks and Amazon Sagemaker
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reshworks is a Chennai based B2B Unicorn catering to small and medium businesses globally for their software support needs. For one of their flagship products “Freddy” they have built customer support ticket resolution and routing model on Sagemaker which helps them reduce the ticket resolution time for all of their customers. Using Amazon Sagemaker, 59% of Freshworks customers experienced a reduction in ticket resolution time leading to improved CSAT score. Freshworks has built 30000 models for 11000 customer on Sagemaker and training time for these models in down to 33 minutes which earlier use to take more than 24 hours in their conventional open source backed system. This AI based “Freddy” has helped them attract more mid-market customers and delight them with state of the art AI solution.

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