Building an End-to-End Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solution with AWS IoT – AWS Online Tech Talks
Data from industrial sites is often untapped because its locked into on-premises devices and equipment or in proprietary historians. With AWS IoT you have the ability to build secure, cost-effective, and reliable Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that ingest real-time streaming data from hundreds of industrial sites containing both data assets and machine assets. We will discuss how to democratize access to that locked data for actionable operational insights and how to use flexible ingestion tools to support a myriad of different data streams. In this tech talk, you will also learn how to integrate IoT data with third party and other enterprise datasets, monitor near real-time operational metrics on a dashboard, and send alerts and notifications when thresholds are crossed.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn how AWS IoT SiteWise can be used to collect, organize, and analyze data at scale from Industrial sites
*Understand how to use AWS IoT Events to manage operational alarms and notifications
*Explore how AWS IoT Analytics supports analytics, machine learning, and reporting on streaming IoT data

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