Building a Smarter Digital Accessibility Strategy
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In 2018, over 2,250 web accessibility lawsuits were filed, representing a 181% increase from 2017. As a result, both the public and private sectors are facing increased pressures to roll out ADA plans that mitigate the risks of lawsuits, fines, and press nightmares. From translating your website into a second language to digitizing PDFs, technology must be designed with all kinds of users in mind.

Our panel of experts share how to leverage technology to create a smart accessibility playbook with a clear execution plan. They share lessons learned from existing governments that are helping set the standard and the benefits and gains to businesses that adopt to a smart accessibility strategy.

Walei Sabry, Digital Accessibility Coordinator, NYC
Thomas Logan, Co-founder & CEO, Equal Entry
Regine Gilbert, Adjunct Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

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