Battling the Opioid Crisis with Help from the Cloud
This session will reconvene founding members of the AWS Opioid Crisis Council, as well as new members and supporters, to discuss how AWS has been teaming with governments and technology partners to collaboratively address the Opioid Crisis since its declaration as a national public health emergency in 2017. A panel of public sector customers will share details on how they have implemented cloud-based solutions across agencies in multiple levels of government to securely ingest, analyze, and distribute citizen data in support of programs designed to address substance abuse and behavioral health in their communities. You will also learn about customers from regions throughout the country who are just embarking on their journey to addressing the opioid crisis, and how they are developing proofs of concept to showcase the potential of the cloud in accelerating their efforts. By the conclusion of the session, you will be provided with simple guidance on how to leverage best practices and get started on addressing the opioid crisis in your respective areas.

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