AWS Secret Region – Lessons Learned Around DevSecOps
A DoD organization had unique challenges developing and deploying applications in multiple security domains (running workloads across AWS commercial regions, the Secret Region and C2S), which is a common pattern in the DoD. Over the last year, they have reorganized their technical team comprised of military service members, government employees and contractors to adopt the DevOps approach to software development. Developers and infrastructure teams are now closely aligned using agile methods including weekly sprints and daily standup meetings. They have embraced containerization and Kubernetes, as well as AWS native automation capabilities and partner tools, which enables them to develop and deploy across AWS commercial, Secret and C2S regions. They have a unique and time-sensitive application and mission requirements that required quick, iterative code releases. These methods and tool sets are somewhat unique in the DoD and they have acted as a pathfinder for adoption by the broader community.

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