AWS Re:invent 2019 – Stewart Fry of BP Talks About Working With AWS on Its Cloud Transformation
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BP is a global energy business. It operates in 78 countries and delivers heat, light, and mobility products and services to people all around the world in ways that will help drive the transition to a lower carbon future. BP is using digital, big data, and advanced technologies to develop new ways to tackle emissions, improve its products, and create new low carbon businesses–including renewables, like wind energy, solar energy, and biofuels. Since 2016, BP has been a “cloud first” organization. It has worked closely with AWS, transforming its applications as it has moved them to the AWS Cloud, including upgrading databases to Amazon Aurora and RDS. BP has migrated 32 production environments to AWS, including its 16 TB strategic global fuels instance and its refinery optimization system, which now runs calculations that once took 7 hours in only 4 minutes. BP has announced that it is “all in” on AWS for its two European mega data centres, which it will exit by moving data and key applications to AWS. The company is also exploring using Alexa for Business in its retail operations and Amazon Kinesis for emissions monitoring and improving the customer experience.

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