AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium 2019 – New York: Why monolithic app delivery is in the past
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T. Rowe Price (TRP) is migrating its Retirement Planning Services digital platform to AWS to increase delivery velocity and achieve scale, while developing a sophisticated segmentation model for customers typically only differentiated by age. Retirement outsourcing is a B2B/B2C business that has historically been dependent on proprietary investment products and low fees for success. With virtually all of the Fortune 1000 already engaged with TRP or one of its competitors, digital offerings are now directly winning (or losing) business. With help from Slalom, TRP took on a top-to-bottom change in its core technologies and infrastructure, representing a tectonic shift away from monolithic architectures. The resulting cultural change over the discussion of “modernization” and “technical debt” introduced a view through the commercial accountability lens that is elusive for many technology organizations.

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