Authentication for Your Applications: Getting Started with Amazon Cognito – AWS Online Tech Talks
If you’re building a modern web or mobile app, odds are good that you’re going to need to handle common operations like signing in users and maintaining their profiles. Amazon Cognito allows you to offload this undifferentiated heavy lifting to a managed AWS service, so that you can focus on the core features and functionality of your application, while knowing that the critical aspects of handling authentication are being implemented properly and securely at any scale. This tech talk will start by showing how you get going with Cognito, adding it to your application through frameworks like AWS Amplify. We’ll then follow up with showing how Amazon Cognito integrates with the broader set of AWS services including Amazon API Gateway, AWS Application Load Balancer, AWS Security Token Service and others to provide you with a complete authentication and authorization solution for your application.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how to initially configure Cognito and add it to an application
– See how Cognito normalizes native and federated identities
– Discover how Cognito integrates easily with adjacent AWS services

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