A First Look at AWS Data Exchange – AWS Online Tech Talks
Learn how AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to securely find, subscribe to, and use third party data in the cloud. Discover more than 1700 data products from more than 90 qualified data providers in the AWS Marketplace. See how to download a data set or copy it to Amazon S3 and analyze it with a wide variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services. Also, learn how you can provide your data to others with a secure, transparent, and reliable channel to reach millions of AWS customers. If you have existing customers who already subscribe to your data, learn how to migrate their existing subscriptions to AWS Data Exchange at no additional cost. AWS Data Exchange eliminates the need to build and maintain data delivery, licensing, or billing infrastructure.

Learning Objectives:
– See how to browse and subscribe to data products on AWS Data Exchange
– Learn how to create data products and make them available to millions of AWS customers via AWS Marketplace
– Understand how the service complements AWS data lakes and analytics

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