On Wednesday, March 27th, ten startups, including Calm, Wag, and Bill.com, spoke at the Startup Central theater at the AWS Summit – Santa Clara. Their talks spanned the gamut from fraud detection to AWS Fargate.

Watch the talks below:

Aisera — How Aisera built an AI-driven customer service platform leveraging AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda

DataVisor — Building a Fraud Detection Platform using AI and Big Data

Unravel – Migrating and Scaling Data Pipelines with AI on Amazon EMR, Redshift & Athena

Carta — RabbitMQ vs SQS: Build or buy?

Wag — Bella The Friendly Pup – CX Automation with AWS Connect, Lex and Lambda

Calm – Kubernetes the Easy Way

Aporeto – Aporeto’s Cloud-Native Journey: Day 0 to Production

Bill.com – How Bill.com is Leveraging AWS to Accelerate Growth and Innovation

Life360 — Processing Billions of Events Per Day with AWS Fargate

EngineML — Distributed Deep Learning with Amazon EKS

from AWS Startups Blog