On September 30, 2020 a small group of community members came together to throw our first CDK Day, with people joining us from around the world to celebrate the family of products built on the Cloud Development Kit: AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), CDK for Terraform, cdk8s, and projen.

CDK Day 2021 takes place online April 30. Registration is now open and the event is free to attend.

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What’s happening at CDK Day 2021?

CDK Day 2021 will have two 3.5 hour tracks that have staggered start and end times. This means that everyone can watch the opening and closing talks together. Having two streams also allows viewers to pick between talks, so the event can be tailored toward individual interests.

CDK Day schedule (UTC+1): Friday, April 30, 2021

Track 17:00 AM — 40 minBetter together: AWS CDK and AWS SAMEric Johnson
Track 17:40 AM — 40 minMistakes I made when writing Infrastructure as Code, and how to avoid themBen Bridts
Track 27:40 AM — 40 minExtending constructs of the CDK for TerraformAnsgar Mertens
Track 18:20 AM — 10 minCreating verifiable JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) with AWS CDKMatt Martz
Track 28:20 AM — 40 minDeploy your React/Next JS app with CDKNatalia Marek
Track 18:30 AM — 10 minEnjoy writing CDK constructs using projen and jsiiSebastian Hesse
Track 18:40 AM — 10 minOrchestrating serverless bioinformatics workflows with CDKJoshua Brenneman and Kyle Voytovich
Track 18:50 AM — 10 mincdk8s, the future of Kubernetes application deployments? – revisitedMax Brenner
Track 19:00 AM — 10 minServerless experience with CDKGalaletsang Morake
Track 29:00 AM — 10 minWhy security pros should embrace the CDK!Dakota Riley
Track 19:10 AM — 40 minObservability for CI/CDNočnica Fee
Track 29:10 AM — 10 minA cloud newbie’s experience with CDKOksana Horlock
Track 29:20 AM — 10 minCDK-Dia: Automated diagrams for CDK infrastructureTom Roshko
Track 29:30 AM — 10 minAmplify to CDKFlorian Chazal
Track 29:40 AM — 10 minPublishing external projen modules as private GitHub packagesKen Winner
Track 19:50 AM — 30 minHow we scale CDK within Liberty MutualGreg Bomkamp, Nick Manuel, Rajesh Poraiyan
Track 29:50 AM — 40 minAvoid bad things in prod by testing CDKDarko Mesaroš
Track 210:30 AM — 40 minCode gen with ProjenElad Ben Israel

Highlighted talks

To learn more about all of the talks, visit cdkday.com. Here are a few highlights:

Mistakes I made writing Infrastructure as Code, and how to avoid them
There have been ways to generate CloudFormation templates using general-purpose programming languages since 2013. As such, there have been many learning opportunities even before the CDK was released. In this talk, Bridts will look at mistakes made in those years to avoid them in the future.
Ben Bridts, AWS Community Hero and APN Ambassador @ Cloudar

Better together: AWS CDK and AWS SAM
Johnson demonstrates building a serverless application using the CDK. He also will show using the SAM CLI for local testing and debugging. At the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding of how CDK and SAM work together to help you develop, test, and deploy serverless applications efficiently.
Eric Johnson, Principal Developer Advocate – Serverless @AWS

Deploy your React/Next JS app with CDK
Markek will go over two ways of deployment and development of React and Next JS applications — using CDK patterns, and using Amplify for front-end and AWS CDK for the front end — and also will demonstrate one of them.
Natalia Marek, Apprentice Software Developer, Infinity Works

Why Security Pros Should Embrace the CDK!
Are you a security professional who has engineering teams using the CDK? Or responsible for building infrastructure as code for security automation? In this lighting talk, Riley will dive in why the CDK enables teams to more easily develop secure software on AWS.
Dakota Riley, Security Engineer at Stedi, Inc,

Enjoy Writing CDK Constructs Using projen and jsii
Writing CDK constructs, testing, and releasing them to various repositories takes time and effort. Projen and jsii aim to reduce this complexity, but they also introduce new ones. This talk walks through the projen setup process and pitfalls Hesse has encountered when writing CDK constructs.
Sebastian Hesse, freelance software engineer

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To see what you missed at last year’s event, visit the CDK Day 2020 Rewind page, which includes talk videos.