Robotics at re:Invent 2019.


For the first time, at re:Invent 2019, we will have dedicated Robotics and Open Source tracks! We’re excited to be working closely with the open source community to make robotics easier than ever for everyone. Throughout the week, we are offering a diverse variety of content and learning opportunities about the open source Robot Operating System (ROS) and our lead service in the category, AWS RoboMaker. During our main sessions you will hear first-hand from iRobot, Bastian, Woodside, and NASA JPL leaders on how they are adopting AWS RoboMaker and innovating their businesses with AWS.

This is an exciting time to be working in robotics. Robots are being used more widely in society for applications that are increasing in sophistication such as environmental monitoring, search and rescue, cleaning, companionship, automation, picking and packing, and order delivery. We see a convergence, with recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and robotics making it possible to combine these technologies to build and operate robots in ways that will surprise us by their breadth and diversity.

Imagine bringing the elastic compute, storage, and other innovative services that have made AWS powerful for developers around the world to every ground mobility robot, robotic arm, and drone. This unleashes new possibilities and capabilities as robots can now be augmented by cloud services, they can learn from one another, they share data, and they can coordinate with their peers to complete complex tasks. We see a future where robots of all types are deployed to provide an array of diverse tasks for consumers and enterprise customers.

Want to dive deep about the possibilities in robotics? Join us at our upcoming re:Invent 2019 sessions, chalk-talks, builder sessions, and workshops. An overview of the robotics and open source track content is noted below. There is a lot there to appeal to a variety of interests. If you see a topic you like but the date is challenging, be sure to check the session catalog as many repeats are offered. Do reserve your seats or register today; seats are filling fast and there is limited availability for each session.

AWS RoboMaker and AWS SageMaker Legos

Monday, December 2

OPN201 – Change is coming to robotics development: The shift to ROS 2


10:45 AM – 11:45 AM– Aria, Level 1 West, Bristlecone 10 Blue
Learn how the design, development, and features of ROS 2 change the landscape for all robot lovers. You’ll also learn what influenced the decision behind Rover Robotics making the efforts to port to ROS 2.

OPN313 – ROS2 – Creating the next generation of production-grade robots

(Builders Session)

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM– Aria, Level 1 West, Bristlecone 4 – Table 5
Developing robot solutions involves employing fragmented robotic theory, tools, and libraries while simultaneously juggling large variability in hardware design and control paradigms. In this session, we demystify how to get started with ROS 2, the latest-generation SDK for developing robot applications.

ROB201 – L – Leadership session: Welcome to the era of smart robots


5:30 PM – 6:30 PM– Mirage, Grand Ballroom F
Robots are becoming more prevalent and integrated into our everyday lives as they help us complete housework, fight fires, manage warehouse inventory, automate manufacturing, simulate lunar landscapes, and even provide companionship! Learn how AWS customers are driving innovation and bringing the future of smart robots to us today.

ROB402 – Autonomous driving, reinforcement learning & AWS RoboMaker


3:15 PM – 4:15 PM– Aria, Level 1 East, Joshua 4
In this chalk talk, learn how to use the AWS RoboMaker simulation service to improve autonomous driving. You’ll also learn about test path finding, object recognition, avoidance, and navigation through simulation before taking control of an autonomous vehicle.

Tuesday, December 3

ROB403 – Best practices using DevOps in building robotic applications


1:45 PM – 2:45 PM– Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4202
In this session, you learn how to implement DevOps in robotics. We walk you through best practices and include case studies and customer examples that demonstrate how to automate testing and deployment through CI/CD best practices and regular code integration in Git.

ROB303-R1 – Cloud Robotics: Build and Operate a Smart Robot with AWS


3:15 PM – 5:30 PM– Aria, Level 3 West, Starvine 10
In this workshop, learn how to develop, test, and deploy a robot application to a physical robot. You’ll learn about the Robot Operating System (ROS) and you’ll push ROS application changes to a robot. Finally, you’ll run your application on the device to see it operate in the real world.

ROB404-R – Robots—the ultimate edge intelligence & inference device

(Builders Session)

3:15 PM – 4:15 PM– Aria, Level 1 West, Bristlecone 4 – Table 4
Mobile robots bring a unique set of capabilities to edge computing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulations, training, and app updates are significantly enhanced via cloud-connected robots. In this builders session, roll up your sleeves to learn how!

Wednesday, December 4

ROB302 – Driving innovation with AWS RoboMaker


8:30 AM – 9:30 AM– MGM, Level 1, Grand Ballroom 119
AWS RoboMaker helps developers develop, build, test, simulate, and deploy robotics applications to the cloud. In this session, we explore leading use cases adopted by enterprise organizations that are driving innovation through the use of ground robots, drones, and robotic arms.

ROB202 – Embracing the next wave of digital transformation via smart robots


3:15 PM – 4:15 PM– Aria, Plaza Level East, Orovada 2
See how AWS customers in manufacturing, healthcare, and oil and gas are incorporating robots into their next-generation solutions. Then learn how the AWS RoboMaker, AWS IoT Core, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Rekognition services are being used to transform those industries.

Thursday, December 5

ROB301-R1 – Running large-scale parallel simulations with AWS RoboMaker


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM– Venetian, Level 4, Delfino 4005
In this builders session, participants learn how to use AWS RoboMaker to develop and deploy an initial robotic application. The code will then be pushed to a small, mobile robot in real time to showcase interactions and perform tasks.

ROB304-R1 – Rise of the machines: Bring artificial intelligence to your robot


2:30 PM – 4:45 PM– Mirage, Bermuda A
Learn how AWS AI services can be used with Robot Operating System (ROS) to build intelligence into your robots. You create a ROS application to identify objects and use AWS RoboMaker to simulate and test your robot software. Finally, we demonstrate the application with a real robot, built using the NVIDIA JetBot.

ROB305-R1 – Build your first robot in 60 minutes

(Builders Session)

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM– Aria, Level 1 West, Bristlecone 2 – Table 8
In this session, using a robotics kit, participants build a robot and learn how to use AWS RoboMaker to develop and deploy an initial robotic application.


Before you go…

AWS RoboMaker

In addition to these content sessions, we have created a handful of engaging demo experiences featuring autonomous ground robots, robotic arms, and even a drone. Come join us at The Robotics Lair in the Aria and the Developer Lounge in the Venetian to interact with the demos, speak to experts, and learn how customers are incorporating robots into business and driving innovation with AWS.

Between sessions or as a central location to meet colleagues, stop in at the AI/ML, IoT, & Robotics Networking Lounge in the Aria. Here you can network with peers, interact with AWS experts, meet AWS Heroes and speakers, and enjoy hospitality provided by our sponsor, Intel. A daily schedule of Lightening Talks, Speaker Meet & Greets, and other engaging content will be posted.


We hope this provides a good overview of the depth and breadth of robotics-related content and activities available during re:Invent 19. Please be sure to review the session catalog to learn more about all the offerings and reserve your seats! Sessions are filling up so grab a spot now to avoid missing out or needing to join the waiting-list for the more popular sessions. Happy travels!

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