gnomon at Jantr Mantr, Jaipur.


New MySQL / PostgreSQL version support on RDS – Amazon RDS now supports MySQL Community Edition minor versions 5.7.25 and 5.7.24, and MariaDB minor version 10.2.21 in all AWS regions, and Amazon RDS now supports PostgreSQL major version 11.

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  • Introducing AWS Amplify Video “an open source plugin for the Amplify CLI that makes it easy to incorporate video streaming into your mobile and web applications powered by AWS Amplify.” (AWS Media blog)

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Amazon has contributed over 1,800 projects across 30 GitHub organizations ranging from Alexa to Zappos. You can search them all from

We have jobs open in open source. You can find a partial listing on


photo: Deirdré Straughan, 2016 in Jaipur

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