We like to take small steps at Coolblue and become a little bit better every day. That’s why we like working with Scrum. It’s a flexible way of working, which you can compare to a coat rack where you can hang a different type- or a new coat each time. With Scrum, we can make sure all our teams in the different departments work as effectively as possible.

Meet Barry, he plays a big role in this as an Agile Specialist at Coolblue. Find out more about what he does, and how he does it at Coolblue.

So tell us, what does an Agile Specialist do?

As an Agile Specialist, you’re the main point of contact when it comes to Agile. Agile is a specific way of thinking about collaboration, interaction and becoming a little bit better, every day. You make sure that teams within Coolblue cooperate better, educate them on techniques to become more efficient, and help them with their time management and planning. I do this at Coolblue for different domains; such as Recruitment, Vendor Management and our Development teams.

Sounds great! How do you this?

You help teams at Coolblue —the word says it— become more agile, and help them understand the Scrum process. We do this by giving introductory trainings in our very own Coolblue University. During the training, you’ll learn to think in an Agile way and you’re introduced to the Scrum process. After the introduction, we as Agile Specialists help the teams with tailored training or coaching.

What do you think is awesome about this training?

What I really like is that it’s more like a workshop than a training. It’s very interactive with different ways of working, which makes it less of a lengthy Death By PowerPoint kind of thing. The workshop format allows you to learn valuable things, whilst having fun at the same time. For example during the Marshmallow Challenge. It’s a game where the teams need to build the highest tower possible, with spaghetti, rope, tape, and a marshmallow as the tower’s top. Combine this with the Coolbluers’ energy and you’ll have the ingredients for a great session.

What makes the way of giving the training truly Coolblue?

Mainly that we keep trainings short. The Scrum training is a total of 2×2 hours which isn’t a lot of time. But this makes the challenge even more exciting. We also have a lot of knowledge internally and the Coolblue University gives us a great platform to share this knowledge with each other. It’s in line with our motto to become a little bit better every day.

Are you becoming a little bit better every day?

Definitely. I tend to experiment a lot, and sometimes read books or blogs for inspiration. I also visit events and perform tasks outside of Coolblue. This allows me to keep an open mind. It also makes sure I can put my energy in my work, and I gain insights with my colleagues through discussions on the topics of Agile and Scrum.

And do you train yourself sometimes?

I Crossfit every week. There’s been less room for the gym since the birth of my son (he’s 2) so I train in our garden. It became a bit of a thing now, because my sister, a friend and the neighbors almost always join me.

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