Think only Dutch people work at Coolblue? Think again! We employ Coolbluers from every corner of the world, and we’re proud of that! Take Icaro (Senior Software Developer), Thulani (NET Software Developer), and Carl (Junior Software Developer), for example. They decided to take the leap and become Coolbluers.

What was it like to move to the Netherlands?

Icaro: One big adventure. Or well, not really. Coolblue took care of the entire relocation process: from arranging a visa to finding a bicycle.

Carl: It was pretty easy, actually. Coolblue helped out a lot. They booked my flight from the UK to the Netherlands and arranged for a taxi and Dutch classes.

Did you have to do all of this by yourself?

Carl: No. The Relocation Specialist, Bori, helped me throughout the entire relocation process. For example, my apartment’s lease is in Dutch. Fortunately, Bori helped me understand all of it.

Thulani: The assistance I received from Coolblue was amazing. Bori is extremely patient and arranged visas for my entire family. After arriving in the Netherlands, she saw to our every need. She even got me a month’s worth of groceries!

New country, new challenges. Right?

Icaro: Finding housing in Rotterdam is quite tricky, especially if you have to do it by yourself. It’s a good thing Coolblue can help you out. I’m still in denial about the weather and this thing called ‘cycling.’ I guess I’ll reevaluate both in summer.

Thulani: There are plenty of challenges when moving to a different country. When I first came here from Zimbabwe, I experienced a bit of a culture shock. Even so, I was welcomed with open arms by the Dutch and Coolblue.

“The assistance I received from Coolblue was amazing. Bori is extremely patient and arranged visas for my entire family.”

Thulai Chivandikwa
-.Net Software Developer

Does the Netherlands live up to your expectations?

Icaro: It’s even better than I expected. Before I left New Zealand, I already contacted one my Coolblue colleagues to-be. He picked me up when I arrived in the Netherlands. Now, we’re both roommates and best friends.

Thulani: Definitely. Working at Coolblue is exactly what I imagined it to be. I have an awesome workplace at a great location. The Dutch weather also lives up to my expectations: wet and cold. Lovely.

Would you recommend future Coolbluers to take this step, too?

Icaro: Definitely.Moving to another country is a big step, but Coolblue helped me along every step of the way. It’s also a young company where you’re immediately given plenty of responsibility.

Carl: Yes, I really would. When you’re young, the world just has so much offer. Relocating is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, I have a great job at an amazing company that supported me throughout the entire relocation process.

Thulani: It may sound a bit cliché, but if you’re looking for an adventure you should definitely apply with Coolblue. They’ll make sure both you and your family arrive safely. Moreover, you get to work in the most fun office in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a job and do you see relocating as a challenge? Check out our job opening at Careers at Coolblue.