In October, a group of excited developers, data analysts, IT experts, and designers came together to combine their skills. Backed up by a Red Bull supply large enough to keep you awake for a year, they embarked on the Coolblue Hackathon. Locked away in a Capuchin Monastery, these Coolbluers worked on their own, original projects.

At the Hackathon Fair, the various team proved that you don’t need much sleep to be productive. Yet again, they’ve come up with the coolest stuff. And we’re going to use all of these ideas in order to do things a little bit better every day.


The Step-by-stepper was specifically created for customers who need personalized advice. They’re able to receive this by answering a few questions about the product they’d like to buy. For example, how far do you sit from your TV?

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With help of this tool, you can find the right product within 5 questions. Using your answers, we’ll tell you which size built-in oven fits your kitchen, which ink cartridge matches your printer, and which TV best suits your living room.


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Can’t wait for your package to arrive? The Package-man game is designed exclusively for our Waiting Therapy page. The goal is to grab as many packages as you can by slowing down the conveyor belt by pressing the spacebar. While you’re setting a new high score, we’re getting your order ready.


Can’t see the forest for the trees? Then say hello to ShoppingBot. With help of this tool, our customers will be able to find specific products, place an order, or ask for advice.

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The biggest advantage of this tool is that you don’t need to install an extra app. You can simply use Facebook Messenger. Instructions aren’t necessary, all you need to do is engage in conversation, just like you would in the store.

Coolblue Couriers: Pedal power

During the Hackathon, our IT department was inspired to create a better future. So we don’t just do thing a little better every day, but a little bit greener, too. Via Coolblue Couriers, we’re able to amaze our customers even more. Plus, a superfast delivery by bike, directly from the store, is environment-friendly.

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Are you down to join us next year? Check out latest IT job openings. Or check out our to find out more about development at Coolblue.