Now that we’re nearing almost 3000 Coolbluers, our days are filled with meetings, projects, and the occasional ping pong battle. But what does a working week look like? To find out, let’s pick the brains of a Coolbluer to find out what it is they really do. Our brand new Team Lead, Stef, is here to tell us about his first week.

So, what do you do?

My job title called Team Lead Tech, and this position consists of two major roles: I’m a developer in a team, but I’m also responsible for helping my team members fulfil their potential and reach their goals.

How was your first week?

I started on October 2 as a Team Lead Tech at the Shipping and Delivery Development Team at Coolblue. And let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a week. Let me share what happened during this first week:

  • On Monday, the team launched a new same day delivery option (carrier) for our customers.
  • Throughout the week, we celebrated Christmas early at Coolblue. This way the company can focus on our customers during the upcoming holiday season.
  • We had presented our first demo to the entire Domain (about 40 people), including our Domain Boss. Of course, Pieter was there too.
  • We’re looking to expand the Shipping and Delivery team, so my team will expand in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve started designing our new Shipping and Delivery Architecture, which will enable us to…errr nevermind! This is still super secret stuff.
  • We organized a Domain Christmas Lunch with plenty homemade cake, pie, pigs in a blanket, and other wonderful food.
  • We shared drinks with all of Coolblue during the FFF (Fast Forward Friday) event.
  • We ended the week with squashing nasty production issues/bugs in our warehouse software.

What’s to come?

During the next few months, our team is going to focus on prepping for the busiest December yet, and continue work on our improved shipment and delivery system.

Are you already pumped for next week then?

I must say, this first week has really surprised me. In a good way. Working on design, system improvements, and keeping our stores online is proving to be the challenge I was looking for when I joined Coolblue.

All in all, it’s a lot to take in. Even so, I had a blast and I look forward to many more weeks. Now I am going to enjoy my weekend.

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