Parties. The perfect moment for an awkward conversation with your fellow-guests. At some point, you’re usually asked: “so, what is it you do?” Our Cloud Engineer Sander has a foolproof answer.

What do you tell people at parties?

As a Cloud Engineer, you work with the Cloud and facilitate the link between hardware (Cloud) and software (Coolblue website). I’m the connection that ensures that our developers’ code reaches our customers via the website.


Thanks to me, developers only have to worry about developing the website. The Cloud Engineers take care of everything else. For example, if the Coolblue website suddenly goes offline, we’d like to be notified of this. I also spend a lot of time automating things so I only have to do a certain thing once, instead of repeating it 10 times over.

What’s the first thing you do after singing your colleague’s awake?

Each day, my team and I start with a stand-up at 09:05. We use this to discuss 3 returning questions: what did you do yesterday, what are you doing today, and are there any obstacles in my way?

Wait, not coffee first?

Certainly, but I’ve decided to start drinking less coffee. Something to do with New Year’s resolutions.

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What does your team look like?

I’m the Team Lead of a 5-man team and work closely together with my team members and our Domain Boss, Eppo. I also collaborate with developers in order to improve our platform and its deployment pipelines.

Are you responsible for improving your colleagues?

As a Team Lead, I’m responsible for my team’s efficiency, happiness and, that everything’s operating smoothly. I also make sure that we keep developing ourselves on a personal level. Everyone in my team is already really experienced, so each member has his own expertise. This is really nice because there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

What’s the weirdest question, up until now, you’ve ever received about your job?

When I tried to explain my job to my aunt she responded with: “huh, weren’t you in the army?” I mentioned the term ‘deployment pipelines,’ which apparently is also a thing in the army. Since then, she still believes I’m a Team Lead in the army somewhere.

When would or wouldn’t you direct me to Careers at Coolblue?

We’re looking for reinforcements, so I’d send you there immediately. I’d also direct you to Careers at Coolblue because of the work environment, it’s really amazing. We’re given plenty of time to work on our own ideas and projects. This kind of freedom is really nice because it helps us to deliver high-quality projects.

What about sausage?

Yes, please. You know that type of grilled sausage stuffed with cheese? That, accompanied by a craft beer, please.

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