In this topic, we are going to learn about the different certification available for Machine Learning via different cloud service providers. You can also have the idea that which Machine Learning Certification is good according to you and which machine learning certification is most widely used nowadays. 

Before jumping into the Machine Learning Certifications, let us know something about Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning 

Machine learning to study a computer algorithm that automatically develops through experience and data usage. It seems to be part of the artificial intelligence. The construction of a machine algorithm is a model based on sample data also known as training data or data sets to make predictions or decisions without explicit planning. There are many places where machine learning algorithms are used such as computer email filtering etc.

Machine learning as a service is a definition of various cloud platforms that cover infrastructure issues such as pre-processing, model evaluation, model training and further prediction. 

Machine learning instruction uses a variety of computer training methods to accomplish a task in which there is no fully satisfactory algorithm if a possible number of possible responses are included in the correct way to enter the correct answer.

There are various machine learning certification presents in which some of the top machine learning certification involves the cloud service provider. Below are some of the best cloud service providers for machine learning certification in 2021. 

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft

Best Cloud Machine Learning

Before going through the certification provided by this cloud service providers we will see the difference between they are cloud machine learning services so you can have an idea which machine learning services you need to learn and based on that services you can choose your certification.

Functionality side by side comparison

These 3 platforms are the major cloud service provider hey and also has a machine learning as a service in the cloud. There is a product or a service for each step in the machine learning pipeline. The difference that we see in this service that how they are integrated with each other to build and product with the machine learning pipeline.

Below is the chart that helps you to understand the cloud machine learning platform functionality comparison between these 3 cloud service providers.

Cloud Machine Learning Functionality Comparison
Cloud Machine Learning Functionality Comparison from
Performance and Cost difference in the machine learning cloud
Performance and Cost difference in the machine learning cloud from

Best Machine Learning Certifications 

Azure machine learning, Amazon machine learning services and Google cloud AI are the leading cloud machine learning as a service that allows for fast training of a model and deployment. All these companies are doing exciting and innovating projects in ML. Using machine learning services, you can start building your models yielding valuable insights from the predictions within a small team. 

AWS Certified Machine Learning

AWS certified machine learning – Specialty is certification provided by the Amazon in the field of machine learning. There is a machine learning path defined by the AWS to complete this certification. The image hey below represent the flow of the courses that is required to complete this certification.

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AWS recommends you have at least one year or more experience on the machine learning to complete this certification they also provide you the machine learning exam preparation chart for this following certification.

Machine Learning-Exam Preparation
Machine Learning-Exam Preparation Steps from

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 

Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate is the certification provided by the Microsoft Azure in the field of machine learning. Before taking this certification they recommend you to have a different certification name as designing and implementing a data science solution on Azure which is the easier version or low level version of the data science.

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Skills that are measured in this certification are as follows:

  • Setting up Azure machine learning workspace 
  • Running experiment and training models
  • Optimizing and managing models
  • Deploying and consuming models 

Google Cloud Machine Learning

Professional machine learning engineer is this certification provided by Google cloud in the field of machine learning. According to the Google cloud a professional machine learning engineer always helps to design, build and produce the machine learning models to solve various business challenges using Google cloud air technologies and all the knowledge of the machine learning models. 

Professional machine learning engineer exam help you to assesses the following skills:

  • Frame machine learning problems
  • Architecture machine learning solutions
  • Prepare and process data
  • Developing machine learning models
  • Automate and orchestrate machine learning pipelines 
  • Monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining machine learning solutions
ML Services by the Cloud Providers
ML Services by the Cloud Providers

Certification registration fees for ML

  • AWS certified machine learning – Specialty: 300$
  • Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate: 165$
  • Professional machine learning engineer: 200$


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Survey Outcome

There was a survey performed by few of the machine learning expertise to see which cloud machine learning good and which machine learning certification is is good for the beginners, intermediate and other expertise.

They found out that the current market is growing for auto ml and the end-to-end machine learning deployment. If we are using Google cloud or a AWS services you will need to put together multiple products to get the desired outcome whereas on the other hand Azure has up new services in which machine learning design can be built by using a drag and drop UI.

This makes Azure machine learning designers be more friendly to the new a data scientist or a person who is learning a machine learning at a beginner stage and has a little coding and technical background. 

Whereas AWS and Google cloud are more developer focused so it is always recommended for a person having at least of one year experience in machine learning to do the certification abuse and Google cloud. 


By seeing all the service and the courses that are provided by the service provider in the field of machine learning we can conclude that the best machine learning certification it depends upon the individual. If the individual is a beginner in the field of machine learning, then it is always suggested for him to look for the Azure certification in the field of machine learning.

If the individual is having experience more than a year or 2 then it is always suggested for him to go for the certification either for AWS or for Google cloud.

In recent days the company which is having the most advance machine learning technologies and is currently acquiring the market is Google. So, if you have a background of machine learning or coding it is always suggested for you to go for the Google cloud AI certification in machine learning that is professional machine learning engineer as it is suitable in both ways of learning new technology and also the budget. 

We can conclude that the most widely used certification in the field of machine learning is provided by the Google cloud followed by the AWS and then Microsoft Azure there are other cloud which also provide the machine learning certifications like IBM.


Q1. What is the time Allocated for all this certification exam?

Ans: AWS certified machine learning – Specialty: 170 minutes
       Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate: 180 minutes
       Professional machine learning engineer: 120 minutes

Q2. What is the number of questions we receive in exams?

Ans: AWS certified machine learning – Specialty: 65
       Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate: 60
Professional machine learning engineer: 60

Q3. Where can I register for these exams?

Ans: AWS certified machine learning – Specialty:

       Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate:

       Professional machine learning engineer:

Q4. Does the course provided by the Whizlabs covers the required portion that is need for the certification?

Ans: Yes, Whizlabs covers the required portion and pattern required for the AWS.

Q5. Does Courses from Whizlabs provide the hands-on experience?

Ans: Yes, Whizlabs courses provide you with the self-designed labs suitable according to the certification to get the hands-on experience.

Q6. Is Whizlabs planning to include Google cloud ML certification in future?

Ans: Yes, Whizlabs is planning to include the professional machine learning engineer certification course in the near future.

Q7. Does this exam require to have any other requirement?

Ans: No, But it still suggest you to have at least of 1-2 years (3 in case of google cloud) of experience in the field of Machine learning so that you can have a proper understanding what is going on.

Q8. Does this certification has an expiry period?

Ans: AWS certified machine learning – Specialty: 3 years
        Microsoft certified: Azure data science associate: 2 years
Professional machine learning engineer: 2 years