Our beloved learners have been recently requesting us for some innovative courses related to security. Therefore, we are happy to announce the launch of our new SSL/TLS Basics online course. When you think of computing in modern times, security is undoubtedly one of the prominent concerns.

Enterprises are constantly facing threats of cyber attacks that may compromise sensitive information. The impact of security threats on the performance of businesses is one of the detrimental consequences every enterprise and individual should focus on.

Therefore, the assurance of security tools such as SSL and TLS certificates is highly essential for enterprises in present times. The transition of business operations of enterprises to the cloud has created considerable security challenges. So, the facility of digital certificates ensures the security of transactions and safeguard sensitive business information.

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The following discussion is our attempt to showcase the important highlights of our new SSL/TLS basics training course. Readers can identify the different benefits they can get with our online training course for learning about SSL and TSL. In addition, the discussion would also present a clear outline of the chapters in our new online course for SSL/TLS.

However, readers could find the following discussion helpful for understanding the significance of SSL/TLS in maintaining network security. As a result, readers could also find out the larger picture of the reason to choose our new SSL/TLS Basics online course

What are SSL and TLS?

Before proceeding ahead towards the details of our new SSL/TLS basics training course, let us find out what SSL and TLS are. Basically, SSL and TLS are security methods for safeguarding network communication. As you all know, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly serious threat spreading across all sections of the internet. Schools, enterprises, as well as individuals, are at risk of compromises in user data in varying magnitudes and severity.

The flow of data through client and server systems is one of the high-risk scenarios that present notable security threats. Therefore, enterprises need secure systems that can provide the assurance of encrypting data flow from both sides. The SSL and TLS certificates are the answer to this question. SSL/TLS certificates serve as an endpoint encryption system for encryption of data that prevents unauthorized access of hackers. 

What is the difference between SSL and TLS?

You will learn the basics of SSL/TLS as mentioned-above in our new training course. In addition, readers can also find out online course with a detailed reflection on potential advantages of SSL/TLS certificates. Both security protocols ensure communication privacy and data integrity. Readers should note that the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology first came into existence for providing encryption to client-server communications.

In more simple terms, you can think of SSL as a protocol for the encryption of data that flows between an application such as your browser and a web server. As a result, you can ensure a secure infrastructure for you as well as the visitors to your website/application. TLS or Transport Layer Security is the improved version of SSL and is highly updated as compared to original SSL protocol.

In the present times, you can find that SSL and TLS are often considered as interchangeable terms for data encryption. So, even if you find a discussion solely focused on SSL, then you should also assume that it refers to TLS. In order to understand how SSL and TLS become interchangeable, it is important to know how SSL came into existence and then about the arrival of TLS. 

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Versioning of SSL/TLS

Netscape developed the first version of SSL in the early 1990s. However, security issues dropped down the public release of SSL version 1.0. In February 1995, the first SSL release, i.e. SSL 2.0, became public. Even though SSL 2.0 had overcome the flaws in SSL version 1.0, it had its own share of security issues.

Therefore, one year later, SSL version 3.0 came into existence after going through a complete redesign process. However, SSL 3.0 also had some considerable security flaws, which resulted in the move to create another encryption tool. Therefore, TLS came into existence with Consensus Development taking over the reins for creating TLS 1.0.

The creators of TLS 1.0 stated that it is very different from SSL 3.0, even if the former was designed on the basis of the latter. Did that solve the problems? The first thing to learn the basics of SSL/TLS is that TLS also did not strike gold in the first attempt. Over the years, TLS also went through many modifications with the TLS 1.3 finalized in 2018. 

SSL/TLS Benefits

Our new SSL/TLS basics online course would also help candidates find a detailed explanation of the effectiveness of both technologies. Apart from establishing the distinction between SSL and TLS clearly, learners could use the basics training course to reflect on all their potential benefits. 

  • Encryption

As evident from the above discussion, you must have learnt about one noticeable benefit of SSL/TLS technology. Encryption of user information passing through different points to reach the final destination is undoubtedly a prominent benefit of SSL/TLS. With the lack of SSL/TLS, the data travels as plain text and malicious agents can eavesdrop and modify the data. However, SSL/TLS offers end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of data during its transport.

  • Authentication

The next important highlight in our SSL/TLS basics online training course reflects on the benefits of authentication with SSL/TLS. The effectiveness of SSL/TLS in ensuring security receives additional support for the measures for authenticating users. As a result, hackers could not tap into the data in the middle. SSL/TLS ensures the transmission of data to and from a correct server. Therefore, the chances of website impersonation can be substantially reduced with the use of SSL/TLS.

  • Data Integrity

Another prominent highlight of our new SSL/TLS basics online course will be the reflection on the benefit of data integrity. The SSL/TLS connections prevent any form of data loss or modification during transport. SSL/TLS achieves this with the help of the MAC or message authentication code. The MAC ensures that the data sent does not have any malicious changes upon receipt. 

In addition to the benefits of encryption, data integrity, and authentication, it is highly important to consider the other technical benefits. First of all, you can get the opportunity for higher rankings in Google organic search with SSL/TLS certificates. Most important of all, the assurance of protection with SSL/TLS certificates also indicates the substantial potential for improving the trust of your visitors. 

Whizlabs SSL/TLS Training Course 

With that much being said, allow us to show you more about our new SSL/TLS basics online course. Our subject matter experts and certified professionals have taken every basic concept regarding SSL/TLS for creating this new course. When you can take a closer look at the outline of our course, you can understand how. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in our online course for learning SSL/TLS basics.



Core Concepts

00:30:30 minutes


00:20:10 minutes


00:25:02 minutes

Implementation of TLS and Best Practices

00:26:04 minutes

Demo 1: Configuration of LAMP for SSL I

00:27:55 minutes

Demo 1: Configuration of LAMP for SSL II

00:22:44 minutes

Demo 2: Analysis of server configuration

00:13:04 minutes

Demo 3: Traffic and TLS handshake analysis

00:25:25 minutes


Features of Whizlabs SSL/TLS Online Course 

Our new SSL/TLS basics online course claims superiority on the grounds of the following aspects.

  • Exhaustive coverage of all topics related to SSL/TLS in different chapters.
  • Over three hours of interactive training videos.
  • Total of 8 lectures.
  • The facility of demo videos to obtain practical insights on the implementation of SSL/TLS.
  • Unlimited access to the course.

How Can Whizlabs SSL/TLS Course Help You?

Well, readers might now be wondering about the possible ways in which these features will help them. So, allow us to outline the ways in which our new SSL/TLS basics online course would help you.

  • The first thing about our online course is an unlimited access facility. You can access our course at any time after purchasing on any device you want. The support of our course for common device platforms helps you learn comfortably without hurrying.
  • The next important benefit of our SSL/TSL basics online training course is the facility of practical insights. Learners could utilize the demo videos in our course to learn the practical implementations of SSL/TLS certificates. A training course without reflecting on the practical use of SSL/TLS would be like reading a book on hunting without ever having to go for it actually. 
  • Finally, you would get the 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee with our online course. Other than the highly reasonable price of our course, users will also find a moneyback guarantee. Therefore, if you are not successful in learning about SSL/TLS and its practical implementations, then you can claim a full refund.

Ready to Learn the Basics of SSL/TLS?

Now, you could start your journey of learning more about SSL/TLS and its functionalities. Fluency in practical implementation and maintenance of SSL/TLS certificates can add promising levels of credibility to the career of a security professional. Furthermore, the demand for security skills in almost all cloud-based IT job roles implies that our new SSL/TLS basics online course can be your best bet for a promising career ahead.

Other than our training course, learners could also try to explore hands-on labs and sample questions on SSL/TLS. The only approach to strengthen your command over SSL/TLS in the long-term would depend on continuous practice. If you are a newbie, join our SSL/TLS Basics Training Course to learn the know-how of these cryptographic security protocols.

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