After the launch of DP-200 practice tests, we have been receiving many requests from our valuable learners for bringing DP-201 practice tests. With great pleasure, we are happy to announce the launch of the Azure DP-201 exam practice tests. Many aspiring Azure data engineers could improve their preparations by choosing these practice tests. 

The design of the Whizlabs DP-201 mock exam by subject matter experts provide the assurance of credibility and relevance to the exam topics. Candidates could evaluate their skills and knowledge for the DP-201 certification exam with the practice tests. Furthermore, the alignment of the practice test structure with weightage for individual exam domains presents considerable advantages for candidates. The following discussion aims at pointing out basic info about the DP-201 certification exam and Whizlabs practice tests for the exam.

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Microsoft Azure Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution 

The Microsoft Azure DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution certification exam is one of the requirements for Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. The exam is ideal for candidates aspiring to pursue a career in data engineering on the Microsoft Azure platform. The Azure data engineer associate should have promising expertise in the complete stack of Azure data services. In addition, Azure data engineer associates should use their skills for designing and implementing necessary measures for management, security, privacy, and monitoring of data for resolving the significant requirements of a business. 

The Whizlabs DP-201 mock exam gives the right platform for candidates to test these skills and abilities for the exam. The DP-201 exam is one of the two exams for Azure data engineer associate certification. Candidates have to clear the DP-200 exam known as Implementing an Azure data solution and DP-201 exam for obtaining Azure data engineer associate certification.

Azure Data Engineer

Azure data engineer role is one of the most demanded jobs today. Here we enlist different roles you can build a career in Azure data engineering!

Requirements for DP-201 Exam

Candidates should have an in-depth awareness of the basic prerequisites before starting Azure DP-201 certification preparation. The following prerequisites can help you prepare the perfect foundation to appear for the DP-201 certification exam. 

  • Comprehensive expertise in data analytics.
  • In-depth awareness of cloud features, tools, and services.
  • Detailed knowledge regarding data solutions.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Azure products and services as well as other Microsoft products and services.

You should note that these prerequisites are only recommended measures before the exam. It’s better if you have them!

Implementing an Azure Data Solution DP-200 is the first exam to become Azure Data Engineer. Here we bring definitive guide for your DP-200 exam preparation!

Basic Details about Azure DP-201 Exam

The basic information about Microsoft Azure DP-201: Designing an Azure data solution certification exam also plays a crucial role. Therefore, Whizlabs DP-201 practice tests emphasis on complying with the format of the exam by following the exam details precisely. Candidates with in-depth knowledge about the exam details tend to approach their exam preparations with confidence. 

Although the exact number of questions in the exam is not clear, you can expect around 40 to 60 questions. The exam would follow a multiple-choice and multiple-select type format. The total duration of the exam is approximately 180 minutes. However, there is no mention of the exam’s duration on the official website of Azure. 

Candidates could appear for the DP-201 exam in four different languages, such as English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The registration fee for the exam is $165 USD. You can find an overview of the DP-201 exam details in the following table.

Exam DP-201 Basic Information

Exam Name

Exam DP-200: Designing an Azure Data Solution


Microsoft Azure



Number of questions


Exam fee

$165 USD

Exam language

English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese


Designing an Azure Data Solution DP-201 is the second exam to become Azure Data Engineer. Here’s the preparation guide for DP-201 exam preparation!

Domains Covered in the Azure DP-201 Exam

The knowledge about domains in the Microsoft Azure DP-201 certification exam is also crucial for your exam preparations. With the help of information about the exam domains, you can improve your Azure DP-201 certification preparation. How? The weight of each exam domain could be a valuable input for designing your preparation schedule. Furthermore, you could also distribute your preparation efforts for the exam according to the importance of each domain.

In addition, the focus of Whizlabs DP-201 practice tests on every subtopic in each exam domain is another supporting feature for candidates. The last update for the exam syllabus for the DP-201 exam was on November 27, 2019. The compliance of the Whizlabs DP-200 practice exam sets with the updated exam syllabus also ensures that candidates receive relevant questions for practice. Here are the exam domains for the Azure DP-201 certification exam with the weight for each domain. 

  • Designing Azure data storage solutions (40-45%).
  • Designing Azure data processing solutions (25-30%).
  • Designing in accordance with data security and compliance requirements (25-30%).

An Overview of Whizlabs DP-201 Practice Tests 

The DP-201 certification exam is one of the notable additions in the role-based certification model of Microsoft Azure. Whizlabs DP-201 practice tests are suitable instruments for aspiring candidates to take their preparations to the next level. These practice tests help candidates approach the questions with confidence alongside providing other important advantages. The features of the Whizlabs DP-201 practice exam could help you understand the reasons to opt for them immediately. 

Candidates could avail of the following features with DP-201 practice exams by Whizlabs.

  • Three full-length practice tests with 165 unique questions. Each practice test set would have 55 questions each for different exam domains. 
  • Candidates could access the practice tests at any time from a wide range of device platforms. 
  • The facility of DP-201 free test on Whizlabs.
  • The practice tests come with a detailed explanation for every question after completion. As a result, candidates could find alternative ways to approach the questions in the DP-201 certification exam.
  • Comprehensive analysis reports for each practice exam can help you in finding the specific areas of strength and weaknesses

The DP-201 free test on Whizlabs is the right instrument for you to test the effectiveness of the practice tests. The free test contains 15 questions, and candidates could avail of the free test instantly without any payment. In addition, the results of the free test are available within a few minutes. 

The practice tests for the DP-201 exam by Whizlabs cover every bit of the exam syllabus. Most important of all, the practice tests follow the weight of different exam domains for the distribution of questions, just like the real exam.

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Are you Ready to Clear the Azure DP-201 Exam?

On a concluding note, DP-201 practice tests by Whizlabs contribute substantial potential to a candidate’s preparation, don’t they? The most crucial benefit of Whizlabs practice tests for the DP-201 certification exam is the understanding of the exam environment without actually appearing for it. Candidates could approach the practice tests with convenience and gradually improve their abilities for completing the exam.

Another important benefit of the practice tests is the ability for time management. Candidates could practice regularly with the Whizlabs mock exams by evaluating the time they take for completing the exam in different attempts. Finally, the decision is all yours. Make a wise decision and ensure a promising career as an Azure data engineer with Whizlabs practice tests now! 

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