Microsoft Azure AI-100 certification exam is one of the recent additions in its role-based certification model. It focuses specifically on artificial intelligence, thereby indicating the promises of a long term career in AI-based roles. We have been receiving a number of requests for a well-designed online course to support preparations for the AI-100 certification exam. So, today, with immense pleasure, we announce the launch of the new Whizlabs AI-100 online course.

As the demand for artificial intelligence continues to increase every day with the rising popularity of other technologies such as the Internet of Things, the AI-100 certification exam can be the right choice. However, the limited availability of effective resources for AI-100 exam preparation is one of the foremost setbacks for candidates.

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With the new Whizlabs AI-100 training course, you don’t have to worry anymore about preparing for the Azure AI-100 certification exam. The following discussion reflects on the content covered in the new Whizlabs training course for the AI-100 certification exam preparation. Let’s have a look at the outline of the features of our new training course for the AI-100 certification exam alongside its benefits.

Microsoft Azure AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution Exam

Among the many things that you must know about the new Whizlabs AI-100 online course, the AI-100 exam details come first! The topics in our course material match with the exam objectives and the type of questions in the AI-100 certification exam and serve as its best strengths. Therefore, a basic impression of the AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution certification exam could help you evaluate the effectiveness of our online course.

AI-100 certification exam is ideal for candidates with expertise and knowledge in the use of cognitive services, knowledge mining, and machine learning. They must have credible skills in using their knowledge for implementing Azure AI solutions based on speech, conversational AI, computer vision, or natural language processing. Candidates would have to prepare for roles of a certified Azure AI Engineer that include the following,

  • Design and implementation of AI solutions tailored for specific scalability and performance requirements.
  • Recommendation of relevant tools and technologies for the development of AI solutions.
  • Analysis of requirements for different AI solutions.
  • Translating the vision of solution architects and working in collaboration with software developers, data scientists, IoT specialists, and data engineers for the creation of comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

Prerequisites of AI-100 Exam

Another prominent aspect that you must verify before opting for our AI-100 online course refers to the exam prerequisites. The exam prerequisites establish your readiness to start preparing for the AI-100 certification exam. However, they are not mandatory for your attempt at the AI-100 exam.

  • Knowledge and experience regarding the design and implementation of AI apps & agents using Azure Bot Service, Azure data storage, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Cognitive Search.
  • Skills for recommending solutions that leverage open-source technologies.
  • Expertise in understanding the components that form the Azure AI portfolio as well as the available data storage options.
  • Ability to predict the time when a custom API needs to be developed for addressing specific requirements.

Domains in AI-100 Exam

Our new Whizlabs AI-100 online training course is a trustworthy option because it targets all the exam domains effectively. Candidates can find the following domains in the Azure AI-100 certification exam.

  • Evaluating solution specifications and objectives.
  • Designing Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • Implementing and monitoring AI solutions

Preparing for the Azure AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution exam? Follow this comprehensive AI-100 study guide and get ready to pass the exam.

Whizlabs Azure AI-100 Certification Training Course

The AI-100 exam is available in four languages that include English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. The cost of registering for the AI-100 exam is $165 USD.

While the new Whizlabs AI-100 online course addresses all the basics of the certification exam, it also offers additional advantages. The course is an outcome of months of dedicated effort by our subject matter experts and qualified instructors. Apart from the conceptual topics covered in the exam domains, candidates can use our new online course to prepare for the AI-100 exam with a practical perspective. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in our new AI-100 online training course.

  • Introduction
  • Recommending Cognitive Services APIs for meeting the business requirements
  • Mapping the security objectives and requirements on tools, processes & technologies
  • Selection of the ideal software, storage, and services for supporting specific solutions
  • Design of solutions including one or multiple pipeline frameworks
  • Design of solutions that leverage Azure Cognitive Services
  • Designing solutions that leverage the Bot Framework
  • Design of the compute infrastructure to support a specific solution
  • Design solutions for data governance, security, integrity, and compliance
  • Implementing a specific AI workflow
  • Integrating AI services with the components of a solution
  • Monitor and review the AI environment

The new Whizlabs AI-100 online course also comes with the following highlight features for aspiring candidates.

  • Over four hours of training videos
  • Total of 56 lectures by experienced and qualified instructors
  • Unlimited access to the course on Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices
  • Lifetime validity with unlimited and unrestricted access

How Can the Whizlabs AI-100 Certification Training Course Help You?

It is inevitable for any candidate to wonder how the AI-100 online course would help them qualify the exam. Here is a brief overview of the additional advantage you can get with the Whizlabs AI-100 certification training course.

  • Candidates can learn flexibly with the facility of unlimited access to the course. This means that you can learn whenever, wherever you want, and hone your skills for the AI-100 certification exam. You can access the course on your PC at home or on your smartphone while commuting.
  • The Whizlabs team is always ready to help you out with any doubts regarding topics for the AI-100 exam. Candidates can ask queries and get responsive and effective replies from subject matter experts within a limited time. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to stop anywhere in your journey of the AI-100 exam preparation.
  • The distribution of different chapters into lectures provides a granular approach to learning. As a result, candidates can develop their knowledge and skills for the AI-100 certification exam from scratch in accordance with the exam syllabus.

Want to know more about the AI-100 exam or the AI-100 online course? Write your questions in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to respond you back.

Get Ready and Start Preparing!

So, you can notice how the new Whizlabs AI-100 online course can be your key to qualify the exam. The online course provides not only comprehensive coverage of all exam topics but also a flexible approach for learning. Apart from the online course, the dedication and efforts of candidates play a crucial role in ensuring their success.

While the course is available with unlimited access, candidates must use it proactively with a planned schedule. The experts at Whizlabs are ready to help you out with helpful guidance to prepare for the AI-100 certification exam. So, if you want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate, then enroll for the Whizlabs new AI-100 training course and start your preparation right now!

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