AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design is the second (final) exam to become an Azure Architect. If you’re aspiring to become an Azure Architect, follow this comprehensive guide and start your AZ-304 exam preparation!

Microsoft has been a formidable name in the world of IT with its continuous innovation and advancements. The reputation of Microsoft Azure in the cloud computing arena is a testament to Microsoft’s effectiveness as an IT leader. Over the years, Microsoft Azure certifications have served as credible indicators of the effectiveness of professionals in different technical roles.

If you are looking for AZ-304 exam preparation resources, then you have the aspiration to become a Microsoft Azure certified cloud professional. The AZ-304 certification exam is a new addition to Microsoft Azure’s role-based certification model. The certification model of Microsoft Azure draws its strengths by focusing on the tasks that certified candidates would have to undertake in their jobs.

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In addition, Microsoft Azure’s certification model also focuses on new Azure technologies and services as well as paradigm shifts in specific areas of cloud computing. There have been many recent changes in the certification model of Azure, and AZ-304 is aimed at testing the abilities of candidates for revised job roles and responsibilities. So, you can clearly anticipate the potential difficulty of Azure AZ-304 certification exam preparation.

The following guide would help you cover the important information needed to train effectively for the AZ-304 certification exam. The basic information related to AZ-304 presented in the following discussion would focus on the target audience for the exam and essential requirements for the exam. In addition, the discussion would also emphasize the exam domains, which can provide viable support to candidates in their preparation.

Candidates could use the information about exam domains for identifying the topics they should study for the exam. Subsequently, the discussion would progress towards the ideal preparation guide for AZ-304 exam. The recommended best practices in the preparation guide can help candidates chart out the ideal route for their preparations.

AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification Exam

Before starting your AZ-304 exam preparation, it is highly important that you understand the exam itself. The AZ-304 is the ideal exam for an aspiring Azure Cloud Solutions Architect. Now, candidates can achieve the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification by qualifying two exams. The first exam is AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam and the second is AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam.

Both AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams will be available on or around June 29, 2020. The target audience for the AZ-304 exam includes candidates who want to be a Microsoft certified solutions architect. The job role of Azure cloud solutions architect involves providing recommendations and guidance to stakeholders and ensuring the translation of business requirements to reliable, secure, and scalable cloud solutions.

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Requirements of the AZ-304 Certification Exam

The next critical detail about the AZ-304 exam refers to the important requirements for the exam. Candidates could verify their readiness for the AZ-304 exam preparation through reflecting on the prerequisites for the exam. However, these are not any hardbound prerequisites to appear for the AZ-304 exam. Here are the important knowledge and experience requirements for the AZ-304 certification exam.

  • In-depth knowledge and experience in IT operations such as networking, business continuity, identity, security, data platform, governance, budgeting, disaster recovery, and virtualization.
  • Expert skills in Azure Administration.
  • Experience in Azure DevOps processes and Azure development processes.

Domains Covered in AZ-304 Exam

The most significant instrument that can help candidates prepare for the AZ-304 certification exam is the outline of domains covered in the exam. The domains represent the abilities tested in the AZ-304 exam. Candidates can use the outline to identify important topics to study for in the exam. Here are the domains covered in the AZ-304 exam.

  • Designing for monitoring.
  • Designing identity and security.
  • Designing data storage.
  • Design business continuity.
  • Designing infrastructure.

Candidates should also review the subtopics covered in each domain and weighting of each domain for the AZ-304 exam preparation. Awareness of the subtopics covered in the domains of the AZ-304 exam can further streamline the preparation of candidates.

Domain 1: Designing Monitoring

The first domain of the AZ-304 exam deals with designing for monitoring. It accounts for 10% to 15% of the total questions in the exam. The subtopics in this domain are,

  • Designing for cost optimization.
  • Designing a solution for logging and monitoring.

Domain 2: Designing Identity and Security

The second domain is crucial for the AZ-304 exam preparation as it accounts for 25% to 30% of the total questions in the exam. The subtopics in the following domain are,

  • Designing authentication.
  • Designing authorization.
  • Designing governance.
  • Designing security for applications.

Domain 3: Designing Data Storage

This domain accounts for almost 15% to 20% of the total questions in the exam. The subtopics covered in the domain are,

  • Designing a solution for databases.
  • Designing data integration.
  • Selection of appropriate storage account.

Domain 4: Designing Business Continuity

The domain accounts for almost 10% to 15% of the questions in the exam. The subtopics covered in the domain include,

  • Designing a solution for backup and recovery.
  • Designing for high availability.

Domain 5: Designing Infrastructure

This domain is also one of the significant points of attention for candidates in the AZ-304 exam preparation. The weighting of this domain in the AZ-304 exam is 25% to 30%. Candidates can find the following subtopics in the AZ-304 certification exam.

  • Designing a compute solution.
  • Designing a network solution.
  • Designing an application architecture.
  • Designing migrations.

The domains and subtopics represented here reflect on the existing information on the official certification page. Candidates will have to prepare for the exam and stay updated with changes in the exam objectives before the launch of the exam.

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Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for AZ-304 Exam

The AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam is newly introduced and will not be available until June 29, 2020. Therefore, candidates have to follow the best practices recommended by experts for the AZ-304 exam preparation to qualify the exam in the first attempt. Prior to the arrival of official guidance and AZ-304 training courses, candidates could get a head start by gaining knowledge and experience for the exam. The following steps can help you start ahead with your Azure AZ-304 certification exam preparation.

Official Certification Page

The first source of official information is always a proven step to start your AZ-304 exam preparation. Candidates could find reliable and updated information on the exam on the official certification page. The official information provides you an outline of the abilities tested in the exam. Furthermore, candidates can also observe the specific requirements for the exam. As a result, candidates can start off their preparation for the AZ-304 exam on a good foundation.

Official Learning Paths

The next important requirement for candidates to prepare for the AZ-304 certification exam is training. Candidates need appropriate guidance on the type of questions and tasks they will have to face in the exam. The most reliable source of guidance for AZ-304 Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Learning platform.

However, presently there are no officially recommended learning paths on Microsoft Learning for the AZ-304 certification exam. So, candidates should start their preparation with the recommended learning paths for AZ-300 on the Microsoft Learning Platform. Here are the crucial learning paths that can help candidates get a competitive edge in the AZ-304 exam preparation.

  • Architect great solutions in Azure.
  • Architect network infrastructure in Azure.
  • Architect a data platform in Azure.
  • Architect storage infrastructure in Azure.
  • Architect compute infrastructure in Azure.
  • Architect infrastructure operations in Azure.
  • The architecture of migration, business continuity and disaster recovery in Azure.
  • The architecture of modern applications in Azure.
  • Architect secure infrastructure in Azure.

Official Microsoft Whitepapers and Learning Resources

The preparation of candidates for AZ-304 would need the support of official learning resources. Apart from the modular approach in the Microsoft Learning platforms, candidates have to be comprehensive in their AZ-304 exam preparation by focusing on official Microsoft documentation according to the AZ-304 study guide. The whitepapers, FAQs, and scholarly research articles and journals on AZ-304 exam topics can support your preparation effectively. Most important of all, candidates have adequate time to cover the wide variety of information pertaining to the AZ-304 certification exam.

Practice Tests and Mock Questions

The importance of AZ-304 practice tests is undoubtedly one of the significant highlights of the preparation schedule of candidates. Candidates should use practice tests as a viable tool for testing their preparedness for the exam. Practice tests help candidates find new and comprehensive explanations of different questions.

Furthermore, candidates should also learn their weaknesses in the results of practice tests. The facility of unlimited access to AZ-304 practice tests and sample questions can help candidates practice for the exam in a simulated environment. The most important benefit of practice tests in the AZ-304 exam preparation is that it can teach students the value of time management.

Candidates could be able to practice in a simulated environment of the actual exam every time. Therefore, candidates can also gain considerable help in familiarizing themselves with the formalities of the actual game. Acquaintance with the exam’s basic procedures also helps candidates improve their confidence for the exam.

Online Communities

The importance of community participation cannot be ignored in the case of the AZ-304 exam preparation. Candidates have to utilize online study groups and community forums for learning advanced approaches to prepare for the AZ-304 certification exam. Online communities are great platforms for interacting with subject matter experts. You can find answers to your doubts within minutes of posting it on online forums.

As a result, candidates would find that their preparation is proceeding step-wise and building up gradually towards success. The online communities are also ideal platforms to find new information and updates about the exam. Moreover, the online study groups and communities also exchange valuable learning resources such as official links to practice tests, helpful study guides, and hands-on labs.

In addition, candidates can also find a study partner just like on social networking. Study partners can help you stay accountable to your preparation schedule. Most important of all, the vital interaction between two aspiring candidates can be the first step in developing new and innovative steps for preparing for the AZ-304 exam.

Salary of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

The salary of an Azure Cloud Solutions Architect is also one of the important factors driving the demand for AZ-304 exam preparation resources. The Microsoft Certified Azure Architect salary estimate is $153,378 annually. There are many other estimates that vary considerably. However, candidates can understand that they should also clear the AZ-303 exam along with AZ-304 in order to be eligible as a certified Azure solutions architect.

So, with the tag of a certified expert, the Microsoft Certified Azure Architect salary will not be your only advantage. Candidates can gain recognition within the community of Azure solutions architect experts and exchange knowledge with them. Furthermore, candidates will also play a crucial role in the development of new Microsoft Azure products and services.

Are You Ready to Prepare For the AZ-304 Exam?

So, now you have looked at all the details about the AZ-304 exam and the preparation guide for the exam. Candidates can reach optimal levels of preparation when the AZ-304 exam arrives. However, it is important for candidates to take many factors into concern. First of all, candidates have to ensure continuous professional development after the certification.

As you all know, the journey of learning is endless, and candidates should ensure that they approach other certifications. Subsequently, candidates can establish a long-term promising career path in the Azure landscape. The AZ-300 exam preparation should not let candidates increase stress. Stress is the foremost problem that affects the candidate’s morale.

Subsequently, candidates can experience negative thoughts about preparing for the AZ-304 exam. However, candidates have to take care of their health by taking a proper diet, maintaining and following a routine, and exercising. You have to go to the exam in good shape so that you don’t have any problems understanding the questions.

As you all know, a healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind. Candidates can also improve their preparations considerably by selecting credible training courses and practice tests. Since there are no such resources available in plenty, candidates have to be very specific and careful while choosing the training courses or practice tests.

For example, candidates should test the credibility of the provider and the experience of the provider in online certification training. Finally, candidates should ensure that they remain accountable to their preparation schedule. We’ll soon come up with training courses and practice tests for the AZ-304 exam, by that time you can check out our other Microsoft Azure certification training courses.

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