Many candidates aspiring for the job role of AWS Solutions Architect are now facing the confusion of choosing between AWS SAA-C01 or SAA-C02. Both versions are suitable for the AWS Solutions Architect certification. However, AWS has recently extended the expiration date of its existing SAA-C01 exam by six months. Therefore, candidates are now worried about the choices for picking from the new or the old exam.

The difference between SAA-C01 and SAA-C02 is that the SAA-C02 is the new AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam. Since the SAA-C01 exam was about to retire on March 22, 2020 (but extended until June 30, 2020), many candidates might have made up their minds to sit for SAA-C02. So, which one is the better option among the two? The following discussion will help you make an informed choice from the two options you have to become an AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

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Why Should I Choose an Exam for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification?

Before diving into the reasons to go for AWS SAA-C01 or SAA-C02, it is important to note some facts. First of all, readers should know that the SAA-C01 exam will be available until June 30, 2020. So, you have a lot of time to explore the SAA-C01 study guide and prepare well for the exam.

Candidates will still get a certification that is valid for three years by qualifying for the SAA-C01 exam. The release date for SAA-C02 was March 23, 2020. So, now the AWS SAA-C01 and SAA-C02 would be available concurrently for a short period of time between March 23, 2020, and June 30, 2020. Now, you can clearly see the main reason for diving into the debate of SAA-C01 vs SAA-C02.

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Differences between the SAA-C01 and SAA-C02 Exams

A closer look at the difference between SAA-C01 and SAA-C02 can help in arriving at a promising decision. The exam format would not show any changes, and the number of questions will also, most likely, be the same. 

  • Content Outline

The content outline i.e., domains covered in the exams, differs considerably. For example, in the case of the SAA-C01 exam, you can find five domains, and in the case of SAA-C02, there are four domains. The new certification exam for AWS Solutions Architect Associate released in March 2020 does not contain a domain dedicated to the definition of operationally excellent architecture.

As a result, you can witness considerable changes in the weighting of the other domains in the SAA-C02 certification exam. For example, the domain related to designing cost-optimized architectures witnessed a substantial change from 10% to 18%. 

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  • Exam Format

Now, candidates might want to know about comparisons of exam format in AWS SAA-C01 vs SAA-C02 exams. As a matter of fact, there is no significant change as you expected. The style and format of questions in the SAA-C02 exam are very similar to that of SAA-C01. The majority of the questions will present a scenario in the form of 1 to 2 lines associated with a specific question.

Therefore, candidates won’t have to struggle in navigating the format and style of the new SAA-C02 exam. The response formats are also critical factors that candidates evaluate for any potential changes, especially when comparing SAA-C01 vs SAA-C02 exams. You can find two response formats in the SAA-C02 exam, just like the SAA-C01 exam. 

Make the Right Decision

So, the best course for candidates, in this case, would be to prepare for the SAA-C02 exam. Why? The primary reason to choose from AWS SAA-C01 or SAA-C02 exams is the choice of a certification that proves expertise in new AWS technologies. The newly updated certification i.e., SAA-C02, reflects on new and emerging changes in the AWS landscape. Therefore, AWS SAA-C02 will be the ideal choice for candidates looking for long-term career opportunities on AWS.

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Tips to Prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Exam

After clearing your doubts regarding differences in the SAA-C01 vs SAA-C02 exams, let us focus on some brief pointers to prepare for the exam you choose. 

  • Download the Exam Outline and Use It as Your Study Guide 

The first and foremost requirement to prepare for the SAA-C02 exam is the SAA-C02 study guide. Similarly, you would need the study guide for SAA-C01 if you are preparing for it. The study guide presents recommended learning resources to prepare effectively for the exam.

Most important of all, you should visit the official AWS certification page and download the exam outline. The exam outline helps you identify the different topics covered in the exam, thereby helping you find the ideal learning materials. 

  • Choose Helpful Online Training Courses 

The following step for any candidate should be to go for AWS SAA-C01 or SAA-C02 online training courses. According to the exam of your choice, you can select the ideal training courses from trustworthy portals such as Whizlabs. Online training courses help you drive your preparations in the right direction with a clear impression of exam objectives.

Therefore, you can specialize in topics related to the exam without having to mug up the whole syllabus. Most important of all, AWS CSAA online training course helps candidates in accessing helpful insights and information from subject matter experts and qualified professionals. 

  • Practice Can Only Help You Achieve Perfection

After training, candidates should validate their knowledge in practical tasks that would be in the exam. Therefore, practice tests and sample questions can help candidates in gaining a thorough impression of their skills. Practice tests offer detailed visual reports of the outcomes of the candidate’s attempts.

The reports can help you identify the exact areas where you need improvement. In addition, practice tests are also a unique tool for exploring the same problem from multiple perspectives. As you take practice tests, again and again, you are more likely to develop innovative approaches for solving the questions.

You can take the old AWS Solutions Architect exam until June 30, 2020. So, if you’re preparing for the old version of the AWS CSAA exam, follow this comprehensive guide for the AWS Solutions Architect (SAA-C01) certification exam preparation and get ready for the exam.

Are You Ready to Make the Right Choice?

Now, the decision is up to you! Both the exams i.e., SAA-C01 and SAA-C02, are ideal choices for becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. However, the SAA-C02 exam reflects more on the updated AWS technologies. The ultimate objective of any individual seeking AWS certification is a promising career.

SAA-C02 offers you validation of expertise in new technologies that solution architects have to use on the AWS platform. However, the one thing that shall remain constant is the dedication required for qualifying an AWS certification exam. Candidates have to be very careful with the choice of the exam and the selection of reliable sources for preparation. If you want to become an AWS Solutions Architect, you have two options. Make the most of the one you choose.

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