In recent months, we have been getting many requests from our beloved learners for a reliable training course in AWS IoT Core. Today, it gives us the utmost pleasure to announce the launch of our new AWS IoT Core Hands-on training course. The continuously increasing popularity of IoT technology presents the need for the selection of an ideal IoT platform while ensuring effective management of connections between software and hardware with the internet or the connections between network operations and coordinating sensors.

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Furthermore, you would also have to face the concerns of security for your IoT data repositories. With the help of AWS IoT Core, you can showcase your expertise to carry out effective administration of IoT solutions on AWS. Allow us to showcase the important features of our new AWS IoT Core training course and how it can help you in the following discussion.

What is the Importance of AWS IoT Core?

Before explaining our new AWS IoT Core Hands-on training course, it is important to reflect on AWS IoT Core itself first. AWS IoT Core is the fully managed cloud platform on AWS that helps in connecting devices easily and ensuring that they can interact safely with cloud applications as well as other IoT devices.

  • The primary capability of AWS IoT Core is clearly evident in its support for over billions of devices and more than trillions of messages.
  • It can also provide reliable support by processing and routing messages to different AWS endpoints and other devices with higher security and reliability.
  • The use of AWS IoT Core can also help applications in maintaining track and communicating with all the other devices. Interestingly, you can track and communicate with devices, even if they are not connected.

The next important aspect that you should notice before you learn AWS IoT Core refers to the services it offers. As you have already seen above, AWS IoT Core helps you communicate with connected devices with higher security alongside lower latency and overheads. AWS IoT Core provides support for standard communication protocols such as WebSockets, HTTP, and MQTT. In addition, TLS certificates ensure the security of communications on AWS IoT Core.

The critical functionality of AWS IoT Core refers directly to the processing of data obtained from various connected devices. AWS IoT Core can help in continuously ingesting, filtering, transformation, and routing of data streamed through connected devices. Users could then implement actions on the basis of available data and route it for ensuring additional processing and analytics.

Reasons for Learning AWS IoT Core

So, you must be wondering about the possible reasons to pursue learning AWS IoT Core. Here are the important advantages of AWS IoT Core that are driving enterprises towards its adoption.

  • The easier learning curve with AWS IoT Core.
  • Stricter IoT security standards.
  • Serverless architecture.
  • Powerful AWS IoT analytics.
  • The formidable partner network of AWS.

The AWS IoT Core hands-on training course can also provide helpful insights on its use in application interaction through connected devices. Users could find faster IoT application development with AWS IoT Core. You can get an easy to use interface for applications running on the cloud as well as in mobile devices. The interface can help in accessing data distributed by connected devices alongside sending data and commands back again to the devices.

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Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Hands-on Course

With the above-mentioned advantages, you are most likely to find AWS IoT Core as the preferred solution of many IoT-based enterprises. So, you can definitely access new and promising career opportunities with our AWS IoT Core hands-on training course. The new course aims at helping candidates learn about the significant components in the architecture of AWS IoT Core.

In addition, you can also learn about the functionality of AWS IoT Core on the basis of its various components. Most important of all, our new AWS IoT Core online course can help you improve your expertise in AWS IoT Core skills and labs. So, you have a lot to gain with our hands-on training course for AWS IoT Core.

Take a look at the following features of our training course before we outline the chapters in it.

  • Almost 2 hours and 25 minutes of training videos.
  • Total of 18 lectures in the training course.
  • Thorough coverage of all topics related to fundamentals of AWS IoT Core.
  • 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee.
  • Unlimited access to the course on iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and Android devices.
  • Assurance of premium support by subject matter experts.

Learners could find the following chapters in the new Whizlabs AWS IoT Core hands-on training course.

  • Introduction.
  • Prerequisites.
  • Introduction to AWS IoT Core.
  • Registering a Device.
  • Message Broker.
  • Device Shadow.
  • IoT Jobs.
  • IoT Rules.

How Can Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Hands-on Course Help You?

Therefore, you can clearly notice that our new training course is highly comprehensive in terms of features to learn AWS IoT Core. We have come up with this training course after months of hard work and dedicated efforts by our course designers and subject matter experts.

The content of our new training course is the foremost strength on which learners can capitalize on learning AWS IoT Core skills. In addition, our new AWS IoT Core online course can help you in the following ways.

  • Coverage of all Topics

We provide the assurance of covering all basic concepts pertaining to AWS IoT Core in the training course. The uniquely tailored training videos provide students with an engaging platform to improve their expertise in AWS IoT Core. You could complete the short training videos easily and gain more confidence as each chapter passes.

  • Flexibility of Learning

You can access our AWS IoT Core hands-on training course without any restrictions. First of all, you have unlimited access to the course, and on the other hand, you also have the facility to access the course on all common devices that students use.

So, you can learn anywhere at any time, for example, on your smartphone without any specific schedule that you have to follow. As a result, you can change your learning schedule flexibly when the need arises. This can help many learners use our course to its full advantage while managing their other responsibilities.

  • Support of Experts

Our training course for AWS IoT Core comes with the assurance of subject matter expert support. Most of the time, learners come across many doubts in the AWS IoT Core hands-on training course according to their learning style. However, we make sure that these doubts don’t hamper your learning journey by providing you with the services of premium support.

Our qualified experts can clarify all your doubts regarding AWS IoT Core with simplified explanations. As a result, you can move ahead with each chapter easily and achieve better learning outcomes with limited or no complexities at all.

Have any questions about the AWS IoT Core Hands-on training course? Put your questions below in the comments and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Are You Ready to Learn AWS IoT Core?

Therefore, you can clearly see how our new hands-on training course could help you learn AWS IoT Core effectively. The various advantages of AWS IoT Core would foster its adoption in the coming years. Most important of all, connectivity is on the rise, and so is the number of connected devices. Therefore, if you start learning AWS IoT Core right now, then you can prepare for many promising career opportunities.

In the long run, fundamental awareness of AWS IoT Core can help you strengthen your credibility as a cloud-based professional in other job roles. For example, cloud solution developers can find specialization roles in IoT application development alongside access to better career opportunities. Take the first step in your AWS IoT career by registering for the AWS IoT Core training course right now!   

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