We have been receiving many requests for training resources on AWS IoT Core, especially with the rising demand for IoT. Previously we have launched the AWS IoT Core Hands-on training course and today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the much-awaited AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning training course. The new training course for AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning is also a great alternative for candidates aspiring for the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification.

The demand for the Internet of Things continues to increase every day and AWS IoT Core provides a unified platform for the management of all IoT devices of an enterprise. Therefore, expertise in AWS IoT is one of the promising factors for establishing a career in IoT with lucrative opportunities.

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The following discussion dives into the details of the new Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning online course. Readers could also explore the value benefits of the new Whizlabs training course for AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning.

Scope of Career in IoT

Prior to the outline of details and features of our AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning training course, it is important to reflect on the need for the same. Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a disruptive technological intervention across different industries with many groundbreaking applications. Starting from smart devices to smart homes, IoT has exerted its dominance across various sectors such as agriculture, automobile, and healthcare.

Therefore, the demand for skilled IoT professionals is continuously increasing in recent times with a focus on specific roles such as IoT Developer, IoT Product Manager, and IoT Architects. On average, IoT professionals can earn almost $80,000 to $135,000 on an average every year. The exponentially growing scope of the IoT job market is also a promising reason learn AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning.

AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning

Where does AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning come in your pursuit of a lucrative IoT career? AWS IoT Core is the managed cloud service on AWS that helps in easier and secure interactions between connected devices and cloud applications or other IoT devices. AWS IoT Core can provide seamless support for more than billions of IoT devices and over trillions of messages.

In addition, it can also provide the capabilities for processing and routing messages to AWS endpoints and other devices with higher standards of security and reliability. Most important of all, AWS IoT Core enables the applications for tracking all IoT devices and ensuring secure communications with them at all times.

Another striking highlight of AWS IoT Core is the support for seamless use of AWS and Amazon services such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, AWS CloudTrail, Alexa Voice Service, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon QuickSight for the development of IoT applications.

Importance of Device Provisioning

The AWS IoT Core Device provisioning online course could help beginners in learning about the different approaches for provisioning a device. Device provisioning is a crucial aspect of IoT device management. You cannot just install IoT devices and expect them to work according to the specifications unless you monitor them continuously and provide them with resources they need for effective functioning. AWS IoT Core has many important requirements for provisioning devices, and the resources provide exceptional simplicity for the management of IoT devices on AWS.

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Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning Training Course

The Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device provisioning course is a novel attempt to help students to navigate the world of AWS IoT. The course offers the basic knowledge of equipping an IoT device with the necessary resources to connect it to AWS IoT. A training course is also a vital tool for boosting the AWS machine learning skills of all students. Learners could find the following chapters in the Whizlabs training course on AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning,

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite
  • Introduction to AWS IoT Core
  • Registration of a device
  • Message Broker
  • Device Shadow
  • IoT Jobs
  • IoT Rules
  • Conclusion

You can find the following striking features in the course.

  • Almost 2 hours and 25 minutes of training videos with insightful content.
  • Total of 18 lectures with interactive exercises and credible inputs by highly experienced instructors.
  • Comprehensive coverage for all essential topics in AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning.
  • Unlimited access to the course on PCs, Mac devices, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Round the clock facility of premium expert support and friendly customer support.

How can Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning Training Help You?

Any learner would wonder about the potential reasons to choose the Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning training course, and it is highly obvious. Take a look at the following factors that differentiate the Whizlabs training course for AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning.

  • Whizlabs has the best team of instructors and support personnel behind the training course for AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning. Therefore, learners can be assured of the highest quality of training content to learn about provisioning devices on AWS IoT Core. The insights of industry experts in the training course also improve the understanding of candidates about practical use cases.
  • The different chapters in the training course follow a modular approach to help all candidates cover important concepts with ease. The design of the course presents a seamless learning experience for students from basic to advanced topics in the course.
  • The facility of responsive support is a formidable highlight of the training courses on Whizlabs. Subject matter experts and customer support teams at Whizlabs are always ready to help learners in every possible way. So, you don’t have to worry about landing up with doubts about the topics of the training course.

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Final Words

On a final note, you can clearly observe the potential of the Whizlabs AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning online training course. A training course is a trustworthy option for candidates aspiring to build their career in AWS IoT. The increasing use of IoT and AWS support for the coordinated use of IoT devices boosts the demand for AWS IoT.

Apart from career benefits, professionals could use AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning to strengthen capabilities for contributing value for employers. In the long run, IoT would be one of the notable tech skills in high demand. So, get a competitive edge and start learning AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning right now!

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