This article highlights the key elements of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam. You get resources to prepare for the exam, where you can take practice tests and free tests that are available to practice. There are links provided that take you directly to the tests and resources in the form of courses. Most importantly, you can access some of the best free tests, practice tests, quizzes, and for this certification exam. The platforms enable you to solidify your learning and test your skills.

Cloud Architect and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Modern business applications are highly flexible and mostly depend on the complex fragments together to function. The key is to have a significant framework in place to make the applications work seamlessly. Cloud services and products are helping thousands of businesses and individuals as we speak. The fact that cloud computing exists today has proven to be a trustworthy solution to many such complexities. This technology is a pretty solid player in the industry, keeps growing at an unimaginable pace, and requires professional skills to deal with.

The demand for professionals in this area is huge considering the overall aspects that it is built upon. The cloud service providers and their services and products are evolving enormously with the flow of the business requirements. However, the fundamentals surrounding the applications such as designing, developing, deploying, maintaining, and other administrative remain undisturbed. Each cloud solution offers its models, frameworks, and best practices. This is where the role of cloud architects comes into the picture.

A cloud architect decides on choosing the appropriate cloud solutions for the businesses. They are responsible for visualizing the complete solution right from the design phase to the implementation phase to the deployment phase. All these skills can be acquired from intensive experience or constant exposure to technology. There are absolutely no criteria to hold any IT professional to become a cloud architect but foundational experience and knowledge are required.

The market is looking for professionals those who are specialized in a particular cloud solution such as AWS or Google Cloud. The architecture to set up applications through the solutions on the cloud involves security, network management, and so on. Each solution provides the best practices to achieve the goal without any faults. So go ahead and choose the industry-standard cloud solution of your choice if you aspire to be a cloud architect.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam is a professional-level certification exam. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides cloud solutions and products. With this certification, you earn the credibility to incorporate technical skills into business needs using AWS products and services. If you already have completed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate then this becomes much easier to focus on the cloud architect role.

Since this a professional-level certification, a minimum requirement as officially stated on the AWS “Two years of comprehensive experience designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud”. Some of the recommended knowledge and experience you must possess. Visit AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional page on the AWS website to know more about the required knowledge and experience.

We suggest that you read this article – 12 AWS Certifications – Which One Should I Choose? to get better insights on the AWS certification exam. In the next section, you will find the links to resources like practice tests, practice exams, mock exams, and free tests that are available to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam. Following is the AWS certification list for your reference.

List of AWS certification

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification one of the hardest exams. The validation that you get upon completing this exam is phenomenal. You can easily grow to heights in your cloud architect role given the knowledge and competency. Add this to your career and industry if your goal is to DevOps specialization later. Therefore always seize the opportunity to practice and do hands-on tasks that molds your technical skills. Know the comprehensive view of cloud architecture that AWS provides with this certification. You must take up mock exams, practice tests, and free tests online from various channels to strengthen your ability to pass the exam.

Remember to enroll for the best online courses for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam. Constantly engage in going through exam materials, dumps, attend free sessions, attempt free tests, and practice tests. Here we provide a set of resources for platforms containing some of the best online training, practice tests, and free tests. In this section next section there are links to the sites where you can take up free tests and practice tests. Note that these are listed based on the number of questions, types of questions, hands-on labs, and a variety of questions.

Best Practice Tests and Free Tests for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

Click each title below to directly open the appropriate practice test and free test pages.

1. Free AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam from Digital Cloud Training

Digital Cloud Training offers this free practice test with 20 questions for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) Administrator exam with explanations and references. You can easily enroll for this free practice test by signing up on the platform. This test doesn’t have any time limit, so you can use the time to prepare and attempt the test.

There is another option, a practice exam that contains 4 modes: exam mode, training mode, final exam simulator, and knowledge reviews. The exam and training modes have 6 practice exams each, the final exam simulator has 1 practice exam and the knowledge review has 11 practice exams. You get 4 sections with a total of 24 practice exams.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Free Test and Practice Test from Whizlabs

Whizlabs provides two test options and one online training for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam. The free test has a set of 15 questions with a hands-on lab that also helps you to improve your practical ability, free of cost (just sign up to take the test instantly without giving any payment details). The free test can be attempted once.

The practice test has over 400 questions, 58 hand-on lab sessions, and up to 5 overall test attempts. In the online course, there is a collection of 9+ hours of about 94 video content with 58 hands-on lab sessions with unlimited access upon purchasing. Visit the link to check all three options.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Free Practice Test and Exam from Testprep Training

Testprep Training provides you with free practice tests and practice tests. A free test has 10 random multiple-choice questions in each session. At the end of each session, you can go through the answers and explanations or you could choose to start a new free test again. Create a free account on the platform to get the answers and explanations.

The practice exam can be purchased and it contains 411 questions presented in a certification exam format. Purchasing this practice test allows you to get lifelong access to it. There is also an online course with 5+ hours of about 47 video content that can be obtained for unlimited access upon purchasing.

4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Profesional Free Test and Full Practice Test by Certification Questions

Certification Questions is a platform to find many free certification dumps, guides, and practice exams. Here you can take a free test for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam. In the free test, you can attempt 10 fixed multiple-choice questions. If you purchase the full set for a premium of choice, you get unlimited access to 708 questions for 15 practice tests.

You can take free tests and practice tests in two modes, for instance, in the practice mode you can set test timings, randomize the questions, and passing scores (percentage). Exam mode is the other option that gives you the preset timing but the option to randomize questions is available.

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exams on Udemy

On Udemy you can get the practice exam by purchasing this course to get lifetime access to 6 practice exams. This course contains unique questions and actual exam questions. Each practice exam contains 25 questions of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification mock exam questions.

You could also find more practice exams for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification exam courses on Udemy. Check this other option for 85 more exam questions.

Make sure to visit the official AWS website to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification practice exam. Use these resources to reinforce the knowledge and sufficient experience to clear the certification exam.

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