In this article we briefly touch upon DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional) certification exam, and resources for the best free tests and practice tests. You can use the links provided to visit the sites for the tests and other resources. The resources include free tests, practice tests, quizzes, different learning modes, and many more for this certification exam. These platforms offer an environment for quality and comprehensive learning.

DevOps Model and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

The vast majority of organizations implement one or more business models in their functional areas. We are going through an industrial revolution, so the movement in the usage of technology is super fast. To match this speed, organizations are incorporating proven strategies and hiring professionals. Almost all businesses use software-based applications for their organizational processes, services, and operations.

To any organization delivering their customers with the best services or products is the pinnacle to success. Especially in the IT sector, companies are looking for ways to optimize the development and operations of any delivery. The growth of the companies depends on their functional habits, practices, and the tools they use for producing their products or services. Solutions that require the development of applications for commercial purposes by businesses need to adhere to some of the standards to reap positive results.

DevOps (development and operations) is a model that resolves many issues on the delivery, quality, continuous operations, and increasing security of the applications. Usually, the DevOps teams have multiple professionals from software development, quality assurance, and IT operations as a single entity. This allows the organizations to keep up with the competition and expand their territory into other services and products.

Cloud solutions made it much easier for the implementation of DevOps models. AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon is one of the top cloud solutions providers. To provide IT businesses and their DevOps teams to scale their expertise, AWS has various solutions and products. One of the components of DevOps is managing the infrastructure, if the architecture shifts towards the cloud then the velocity with which the products and delivery increase rapidly.

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification is a professional-level certification exam. Software engineers and operation administrators seeking to increase their potential in the cloud can greatly use the industry-standard credibility through this exam. If you’re motivated to pursue your career as a DevOps engineer then earn the badge as an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. Since this is a professional level certification it is medium to hard on the difficulty scale. However, there are multiple ways to clear the exam and bag the AWS DevOps skills that clearly distinguish you in the industry. Visit this page on the AWS website to know more about the required knowledge and experience.

In the coming section, you will find the various resources such as free tests, practice tests, mock exams, and so on that are available on the internet. These resources are exclusive to the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam. We suggest that you this article – 12 AWS Certifications – Which One Should I Choose? to get better insights on all the AWS certification exams. Use the list as a reference to identify the specialization level of the AWS certifications.

List of AWS Certification

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam adds tremendous value to your career growth. If your goal is to be one among the cloud DevOps professionals then undoubtedly this is for you. Always make it a habit to understand the recommended knowledge and experience that are offered by other foundational-level, associate-level, and professional-level certifications. You may be able to get additional skills if you should take up these certifications.

Before attempting the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam have the relevant knowledge and experience either through your work or by completing the AWS associate-level certifications. It is best to prepare for the exam by enrolling in any of the best and top-rated online courses. Along with the online courses, study exam materials, dumps, attend free sessions, attempt free tests, and practice tests regularly.

The next section has links to the sites where you can find and take up free tests and practice tests. We also provide some resources on many platforms containing some of the best online training and different methods for practicing. The organization of the following listing is based on the number of questions, types of questions, and the variety of questions you get.

Best Practice Tests and Free Tests for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification

Click each title below to directly open the appropriate practice test and free test pages.

1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Free Test and Practice Test from Whizlabs

Whizlabs has three options, a free test, a practice test, and online training for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam. The free test has a set of 15 questions with 1 hands-on lab that also helps you to improve your practical ability, free of cost (just sign up to take the test instantly without entering any payment details). The free test can be attempted once.

The practice test has about 475 questions, 52 hand-on lab sessions, and up to 10 overall test attempts. There is a collection of 13+ hours of about 174 video content in the online course with 52 hands-on lab sessions with unlimited access upon purchasing. Visit the link to see all three options.

2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Free Practice Test and Exam from Testprep Training

Testprep Training provides you with a free practice test, practice test, and online course. A free test has 9 random multiple-choice questions in each session. At the end of each session, you can go through the answers and explanations or you could choose to start a new free test again. Create a free account on the platform to get the answers and explanations.

The practice exam can be purchased and it contains 540 questions presented in a certification exam format. Purchasing this practice test allows you to get lifelong access to it. The online course comes with 6+ hours of about 52 video content that can be obtained for unlimited access upon purchasing.

3. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Practice Exams on Braincert

In Braincert platform has 7 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Administrator practice exams with 75 questions in each exam. Here you get over 500 unique multiple-choice questions with a time limit of 170 minutes per practice exam.

You get an accurate and detailed explanation of each question with the answer. This is going to help you to precisely know the answers.

4. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Free Test and Full Practice Test by Certification Questions

Certification Questions is a platform to find many free certification dumps, guides, and practice exams. Here you can take a free test for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam. In the free test, you can attempt 10 fixed multiple-choice questions. If you purchase the dumps for a premium you get unlimited access to 394 unique questions with explanations.

You can take free tests and practice tests in two modes, the practice mode in which you can set timings, randomize the questions, and passing score. Exam mode is the other option that gives you preset timing but the option to randomize questions is available.

5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Practice Exams on Udemy

On Udemy you can get the practice exam by purchasing this course to get lifetime access to 2 practice tests. This course contains unique questions and actual exam-like questions. You get one warmup test that contains 10 questions and a practice test that has 10 questions adding up to a total of 85 certification exam questions.

You could also find more practice exams for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam courses on Udemy. Check these other options: option 1 and option 2 for more exam questions.

6. Free AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Actual Exam Questions by Exam Topics

Exam Topics has about 536 actual exam questions from the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam with explanations and discussion forums. Unlike other free tests and practice tests, this resource is pretty straightforward, you can directly view the correct answer for the multiple-choice questions or read through the discussion to take insights from peers. Use this after each practice session often to test your memory and understanding.

Ensure to visit the official AWS website to take the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification practice exam. Adding this certification to your portfolio is a huge bonus and can get you extremely great opportunities. Practice on other platforms that you may likely find during your research and preparation as well.

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