This article focuses explicitly on the different preparation methods and resources such as practice tests and free tests that are available across different platforms. The links provided would directly take you to the platform. Here you can find some of the best free tests, practice tests, quizzes, and many more for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Developer (Associate) certification exam. Note that each certification exam is designed to test your expertise so try and practice attempting a unique questionnaire.

Cloud Technology and AWS Certified Developer

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way we used to run applications in our enterprises. Traditional infrastructure technology would become obsolete for many applications shortly. IT professionals across the world have started investing in enhancing their contemporary skills to make a smooth transition with the trend.

We can anticipate organizations seeking more and more professionals with industry-standard cloud credentials. This is because many complex applications developed can now be easily deployed on a cloud platform with additional benefits. Henceforth the drawing the attention of several application developers. Speaking of the benefits, for individuals seeking opportunities to grow in their career learning the cloud environment is a big one.

The platform is open to everyone, for organizations, individual businesses, enthusiasts, and so on. You might already be an IT professional with expertise in developing, designing, and deploying applications. All of the processes involved can now be done on the cloud by following best practices and processes. The platform you choose to develop a cloud-based application decides the path you have to choose for example, if you find AWS to be interesting then start by learning the fundamentals and use your knowledge and experience in development.

The AWS Certified Developer certification is an associate-level certification exam. Once you clear the official certification exam you earn credibility as an AWS Certified Developer. Take up this certification exam after gaining fundamental knowledge of AWS and other essential developer role skills. However, there is a list of requirements you should have to qualify for attempting the exam. Visit this page on the AWS website to know more about the required knowledge and experience.

In the next section, you will find the resources to some of the best practice tests and free tests that are available on different training sites. The AWS certification list is provided for quick reference. You can read this article – 12 AWS Certifications – Which One Should I Choose? to get clarity on the AWS Certified Developer certification path as well.

List of AWS certification

  •       AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Foundational)
  •       AWS Certified Developer (Associate)
  •       AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate)
  •       AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)
  •       AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  •       AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)
  •       AWS Certified Advanced Networking (Specialty)
  •       AWS Certified Security (Specialty)
  •       AWS Certified Machine Learning (Specialty)
  •       AWS Certified Database (Specialty)
  •       AWS Certified Data Analytics (Specialty)

The AWS Certified Developer certification exam is very important if you are planning to get into the DevOps specialization. Refer to the list to see the classification based on different specialization levels. Increase your development, debugging, and deployment by finding useful practice tests and free tests. You can find mock exams, practice tests, and free tests online from various sites, try out a decent amount of such tests to strengthen your knowledge for the certification exam. 

Prepare for the AWS Certified Developer certification exam probably by taking training online. In addition to the training and exam materials attend sessions, attempt free tests, and practice tests. We are providing a list containing some of the best practice tests and free tests in the next section. This section has links to the site with free tests and practice tests.  It is listed primarily based on the number of questions, types of questions for the AWS Certified Developer certification exam.

Best Practice Tests and Free Tests for AWS Certified Developer Certification

Click each title below to directly open the appropriate practice test and free test pages.

1. AWS Certified Developer Free Test and Practice Test from Whizlabs

Whizlabs provides both free test and practice test options for the AWS Certified Developer certification exams. The free test has a set of 25 questions with two hands-on labs that greatly helps you to improve your practical ability, free of cost (just sign up to take the test instantly without entering any payment details). The free test can be attempted once.

The practice test gives you 844 questions, 72 hand-on lab sessions, and up to 26 test attempts. Also, there is a dedicated online course that contains 21 hours of about 121 video content with 72 hands-on lab sessions with unlimited access upon purchasing. Explore these options from the above link.

2. AWS Certified Developer Associate Free Test and Practice Test from Testprep Training

On the Testprep Training site, you can find both free tests and practice tests. A free test has 10 random multiple-choice questions during each attempt. At the end of each quiz, you can go through the answers and explanations or you could choose to start a new free test again. Create a free account on the platform to fetch the answers and explanations.

The practice test contains 476 questions presented in a certification exam format. Purchasing this practice test allows you to get lifelong access to it.

3. AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams on Udemy

On Udemy you can enroll for this course to get lifetime access to 5 practice exams and 1 diagnostic exam for the AWS Certified Developer certification exam. This course contains unique questions and actual exam questions. Each practice test contains 65 questions and the diagnostic exam has 10 questions amounting to a total of 335 AWS Certified Developer certification exam questions.

You could also find more practice exams for the AWS Certified Developer certification courses on Udemy. Check this other option for more exam questions.

4. AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Test on Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut has 5 full-length mock exams or practice tests with a total of 300 questions. Each set has 60 questions with a 45-minute time frame to complete the tests.

The practice tests can be accessed for a lifetime period by simply setting up an account on the Knowledge Hut platform.

5. AWS Certified Developer Associate Dumps – Free Practice Test on Simplilearn

This resource has AWS Certified Developer exam dumps questions. Here you get a multiple-choice quiz that contains about 60 questions with 80 minutes to complete the free practice test. You can attempt as many times as you want, and find a good variety of certification questions that are similar to the actual exam questions. You can attempt the test at your convenience by pausing if needed.

6. Free AWS Certified Developer Practice Exam from Digital Cloud Training

This free practice test with 20 questions for the AWS Certified Developer exam with explanations and references is offered by Digital Cloud Training. You can easily enroll for this free practice test by signing up on the platform. This test doesn’t have any time limit, so you can use the time to prepare and attempt the test.

Note: Also, check the official AWS website to attempt AWS Certified Developer certification exam practice tests.

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