Alexa is a well-known name among voice control devices and Alexa skills have made our lives much easier. Here are the top 30 Alexa skills you should try!

Voice control is the next big thing in human-machine interaction. The developments in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), data collection, and cloud computing support the progress of voice control. Almost 50 million people in the United States own smart speakers, implying that one in every five adults uses voice control. Furthermore, voice assistants could change the approaches to navigating the web.

Adobe survey indicates that almost 76% of businesses think of voice as a notable differentiator in the coming years. Looking at these estimates, the demand for Alexa skills is also increased considerably in the past few years. 

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Why is Alexa Important?

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa came into existence on November 6, 2014. The first applications of Alexa were with the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. Alexa is capable of various functionalities such as voice interaction, streaming podcasts, and providing real-time information such as weather and news.

Amazon Alexa

In addition, users could improve the capabilities of Alexa through the installation of Alexa skills. “Skills” in Alexa are basically additional functionalities developed by third-party vendors. In a mere gap of 4 years, Amazon was able to equip the world with 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. Interestingly, in a gap of another year, Amazon doubled the number of Alexa-powered devices.

At the CES 2020 event, Amazon announced that there are hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices now in possession of customers. 

Top 30 Alexa Skills You Must Try

With the importance of Alexa skills, the search for top paid Alexa skills becomes evident, with so many users desiring different functionalities from Alexa. The following discussion would point out the 30 top skills on Alexa that make lives easier for many users worldwide. 

1. Multilingual Mode

One of the most notable skills on Alexa is the “Multilingual Mode”. Generally, all households do not speak a single language. Alexa has just the right solution for users living with members of the family having fluency in more than one language. The Multilingual Mode skill on Alexa helps in talking in two different languages, with Alexa understanding both.

The Multilingual Mode skill is presently available in the US, India, and Canada. In the US, Alexa supports English and Spanish while in India, it supports Indian English and Hindi. In Canada, the Multilingual Mode in Alexa supports English and Canadian French. 

2. Spotify

Do you love music? Then, Spotify must be on the top of your priorities among Alexa skills in 2020! Spotify is presently the leading music skill on Amazon Alexa devices. The interesting fact is that users can select Spotify as a default service in the Alexa app. As a result, Alexa will stream music automatically from Spotify according to the request of users.

The phrase for activating the Spotify skill on Alexa is “Alexa, play [song name] from Spotify”. Users can also try, “Alexa, play what’s trending in [country name]” for activating the Spotify skill on Alexa. 

3. BBC News

Catching up with the events of the day is one of the basic habits of many people all over the world. The BBC News skill offers competition to some of the top paid Alexa skills when it comes to delivering news. Rather than throwing all the news at users in one go, the BBC News skill on Alexa helps in skipping news. You can skip news stories that don’t interest you, just like skipping songs on your playlist. So, if you don’t want to hear why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from the monarchy, you can just tell your Alexa device to skip the story. 

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4. My Chef

Do you have a knack for the culinary crafts? Then, My Chef skill on Alexa should be a must-have for you! My Chef skill pairs effectively with the Chefling app and help in tracking and reading recipes. In addition, the skill also offers the facility for tracking expiration dates. Most important of all, My Chef skill can notify users about their kitchen inventory when they are out shopping. For those who cook a lot at home, My Chef skill can be a huge respite. 

5. Ted Talks

Ted Talks is another promising mention among Alexa skills that you should not miss in 2020. There is nothing that beats a Ted Talk when you want new and enlightening information. Most important of all, the comforting feeling of spending around 20 minutes doing an intellectual task beats everything else! You can use Alexa for playing interactive and educational short lectures from Ted Talks. The phrase for activating Ted Talks’ skill on Alexa is “Alexa, open Ted Talks”. On the other hand, you can try something like, “Alexa, ask Ted Talks to find talks about nature”. 

6. Audible

People with inclinations towards reading might also like audiobooks. Audible is one of the top Alexa skills in demand for enjoying the services of audiobooks. Users could play a current read through the Alexa speaker and control it with their voice. You also have the option of listening to Amazon Kindle books through an Alexa speaker. However, you can give the robotic narration of books by Alexa a skip for the real narrator’s voice in Audible. 

7. Change the Subject

Are you constantly troubled by arguments in the office environment? Then, you should try out the “Change the Subject” skill on Alexa. Users can activate this skill with the phrase, “Alexa, change the subject.” Quite simply, isn’t it? Activating the skill will result in suggestions by Alexa to deviate from unwanted disagreements in the office. For example, Alexa can suggest colleagues discuss latest books they have read or talk about their favorite gadgets. 

8. Baby Stats

Baby Stats is a new entry among Alexa skills that serves one of the most crucial functions. New parents could use this skill for maintaining track of everything related to their new child. Baby Stats helps in adding information about the feeding and sleeping routine of a baby. In addition, Baby Stats’s skill also collects information about various other elements related to the baby’s care. However, the best thing about Baby Stats is that it helps in easier visualization of trends. 

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9. Track by Nutritionix

If you are trying to lose or gain weight, then calorie intake is a crucial aspect. Maintaining tabs on your calorie intake with the help of a notebook can be insufficient. On the other hand, you can use the “Track by Nutritionix” skill on Alexa. You can log your calories while preparing a meal with the help of this Alexa skill. 

10. Where’s My Phone

Do you lose your phone frequently while at home? Yeah, the crevices of your couch can be quite mysterious sometimes! The first thing that comes to mind in such cases is to ask someone at home to call your phone. However, the “Where’s My Phone” skills can be the best Alexa skill to find out your lost phone. 

11. Bartender

The Bartender skill on Alexa is an essential must-have for users with a sweet-spot for drinking. With over 12,000 cocktail recipes, the Bartender skill never leaves you dried out of options to craft the perfect drink. You can find out the ingredients of your favorite mixed drink or an unfamiliar cocktail about which you hear for the first time. Most important of all, the Bartender skill can also help you make up cocktails from ingredients currently available with you.

12. Ask My Buddy

“Ask My Buddy” is one of the top Alexa skills when it comes to functionality. The “Ask My Buddy” skill is ideal for people who end up in emergency situations where they cannot access their phone. This skill helps in calling or texting a specific contact quickly in case of an emergency. The possible downside of this skill is that it does not call 911 or any other emergency services. 

13. The Magic Door

One of the prominent entries as most in-demand Alexa skill is “The Magic Door.” The Magic Door is one of the highest-rated skills on Alexa that helps in passing the time in a magical way. It provides an interactive adventure where users can explore a magical land while meeting many creatures such as fortune tellers, rabbits, wizards, and others. Users can help the creatures with different quests and unlock many surprises beyond the door. 

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14. Animal Workout

Animal Workout is the best Alexa skill for ensuring that kids get exercise and entertainment together. This Alexa skill helps the kid to pretend like different animals and get some exercise in the process. This skill not only engages kids and boosts their motivation and confidence, but also gives loads of fun for the family. 

15. Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a reliable entry among Alexa Skills for helping out users in bringing meditation as an integral part of their daily routine. With over 70 guided meditations alongside mindfulness and breathing exercises, the “Guided Meditation” skill is a must-have. It helps in reducing the stress and anxiety of daily life.

16. Wait Wait Quiz

The “Wait Wait Quiz” skill on Alexa is also one of the attractive skills on Alexa. The Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is a comedy news quiz show hosted by Peter Sagal and Bill Curtis. The quiz allows users to answer ‘fill-in-the-blank’ questions related to the current week’s news. Definitely a promising way to pass the time, isn’t it?

17. Big Sky

Big Sky is one of the popular paid Alexa skills for obtaining weather-related information. This skill offers an in-depth overview of the day’s weather forecast according to the exact location of the user. In addition, it can also provide information about barometric pressure and wind speed, if the user wants. Users can also sign up for the Premium version of Big Sky for turning on alerts for particular conditions.

18. Kayak

Kayak’s skill on Alexa offers a voice format of the online trip planning and bookings website. The skill can help in finding out the cost of a trip. In addition, the Kayak skill can also provide information about travel options on the basis of your budget. 

19. News Feed

The News Feed skill on Alexa by Audioburst is undoubtedly the most in demand Alexa skill for news. The skill provides a distinct and personalized news bulletin on the basis of the user’s choice of podcast and radio episodes. 

20. Valossa Movie Finder

The Valossa Movie Finder is a trustworthy Alexa skill for finding movies. This skill works effectively for people who have trouble recollecting the name of a movie. Valossa Movie Finder can help in identifying a movie on the basis of details that you remember. It also suggests other movies to users on the basis of genre and release year. 

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21. Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge skill brings the famous Game Show Network show to Alexa. The skill is helpful for testing your knowledge in various fun categories. Common Knowledge is one of the most interactive Alexa skills that is the perfect ingredient for some casual entertainment.

22. Curiosity

Curiosity skill is a must-have for Alexa users who constantly search for information and trivia. It dispenses fun trivia alongside the facility of information about exciting tidbits related to particular trivia. You can find a wide range of categories with the Curiosity skill on Alexa. The skill constantly adds new facts to its database, thereby making the experience of users better. 

23. PayPal

PayPal’s skill on Alexa is helpful for managing the operations of the digital money broker through voice. Users could manage their PayPal accounts and send or receive money with the help of PayPal skill.

24. Song Quiz

Song Quiz’s skill on Alexa is the ideal alternative for mastering playlists from different decades. The game allows you to guess the name of the song title and artist. Users can also challenge their family and friends in live competitions or participate in competitions against music fans across the country. 

25. Xbox 

The Xbox Alexa skill is also a helpful way to recover from the demise of Kinect. The skill helps in turning the Xbox console on and off, controlling video playback, and launching games and apps. It also helps in adjusting the volume and recording gameplay clips. 

26. Sonos

The Sonos skill on Alexa is a trusted and reliable way to get the best of music at your home. The quality of Sonos speakers and the option of controlling them with voice is definitely a credible benefit. 

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27. Laundrapp 

Laundrapp skill is one of the productive Alexa skills that you can use in daily life. The skill enables the facility to set a pickup time and enquire about prices. As a result, you don’t have to lift a finger for cleaning your laundry anymore!

28. 7-Minute Workout 

The 7-Minute Workout skill on Alexa is definitely a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. You can have a personal audio trainer with an interesting mix of exercises with this skill. Interestingly, users can find options of different intensity levels that don’t leave any chance for boredom.

29. The Tonight Show 

Do you follow “The Tonight Show” regularly? Try out the “The Tonight Show” skill on Alexa for listening to the opening monologue and certain selected bits. It offers light entertainment for listening to while doing normal day-to-day activities.

30. Yonomi

The Yonomi skill on Alexa is ideal for smart homes with lots of connected home technology. The Yonomi skill helps in overcoming the limitations of Alexa in many cases. For example, you can use the skill for turning on your TV and Sonos speakers at once. 

Final Words

By looking at the list of top Alexa skills in the above-mentioned discussion, we can note their importance in 2020. With over hundreds of millions of Alexa-powered devices in the world right now, the demand for skills wouldn’t stop anytime soon! Do you want Alexa to respond in a familiar voice? Amazon is bringing the voice of Samuel L. Jackson to Alexa, and many other celebrity voices would be on Alexa soon. It seems like Amazon doesn’t want to compromise in any way with skills on Alexa.

The continuous addition of new skills and the expansion of the user base of Alexa present long-term opportunities for users as well as developers. Pick your favorite Alexa skill and get work done right away!

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