We have been receiving many suggestions from all our learners and the community for introducing a SQL fundamentals course. Today, we are no less than happy to announce our new SQL Basics training course. This new course specially aims to help interested individuals dive into the world of SQL technology and understand it thoroughly.

Our new SQL basics course is a simple yet highly efficient guide into the fundamental concepts of SQL. Now, one question becomes clearly evident in this case – what is so important about SQL? Any beginner would be reasonable in wondering about the possible career opportunities they can get by learning SQL.

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So, the following discussion supports you in finding the right answers regarding the significance of SQL and its functionality. Most important of all, candidates can reflect on the content and features of our new SQL Basics online course. In addition, you can also find an outline of the ways in which our new SQL basics course can be helpful.

What is SQL?

The first and foremost aspect to focus on while you learn SQL basics is the definition of SQL. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is a database language that helps create, retrieve, and maintain relational databases. SQL is a crucial requirement in data science due to its functionality in ensuring access to data while inserting, updating, modifying, or manipulating data.

SQL is presently the best available tool for interacting with relational databases to understand and use the dataset in relevant use cases. Majority of Relational Database Management Systems such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Informix, and Sybase utilize SQL as their standard database language. Interestingly, some RDBMSs utilize different dialects of SQL, such as Oracle uses the PL/SQL while MS SQL Server utilizes T-SQL. 

Importance of SQL

So, what are the important factors that differentiate SQL as one of the most popular RDBMS languages? The following benefits of SQL provide adequate reasons for establishing SQL as the most commonly used RDBMS language. 

  • Enables users to ensure data access in relational database management systems
  • Supports users in providing desired data description
  • Helps users in defining data in a database while ensuring data manipulation
  • Enables users for creating and dropping databases as well as tables
  • Flexible integration with other languages through SQL modules, pre-compilers and libraries
  • Provides the facility for users to allocate permissions for tables, views, and procedures
  • Facilitates the functionalities for creating view, functions and stored procedure in a database

Applications or Use Cases of SQL

Now, let us look at the diverse applications or use SQL cases to better understand the technology’s implications. As a matter of fact, SQL finds a place as a priority technological investment in areas that deal with massive volumes of data. For example, SQL is used in the finance industry for payment processors and banking applications.

SQL showcases the highest possible levels of risk compliance, thereby addressing the concerns of additional security requirements in the case of bank database systems. SQL is also an ideal choice for social media platforms that frequently involve massive volumes of data processing. Therefore, SQL’s wide-ranging applications clearly showcase its potential for finding reliable career opportunities with SQL expertise and knowledge. 

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Whizlabs SQL Basics Online Training Course

Our new SQL Basics training course is ideal for any individual who wants to master SQL fundamentals. Millions of enterprises worldwide are recognizing the value and data and the insights it can deliver for business value through efficient decision making.

You can now depend on comprehensively curated and accurate learning resources to gain the desired expertise and knowledge in SQL. The new Whizlabs SQL Basics training course can help you specialize in SQL’s different aspects to get started. Here is an outline of the content you can expect in the new course on SQL basics for beginners.

  • Databases and SQL
  • Basic SQL commands 
  • Advanced SQL commands
  • Data analysis by using SQL
  • Demonstration for SQL setup
  • Demonstration of SQL commands
  • Demonstration for advanced SQL commands

The next striking aspect in the new Whizlabs SQL Basics training course for supporting the SQL learning experience of candidates refers to the course features. You can find the following important features in the new SQL basics course. 

  • Just over three hours of training videos
  • Interactive and engaging lectures by experienced trainers and subject matter experts
  • In-depth coverage of all topics in the course content
  • Unlimited access to the training course on iPhone, iPad, Mac devices, PCs and Android smartphones
  • Guarantee for responsive and highly helpful expert support

How does the Whizlabs SQL Basics course help you?

Therefore, you can notice that our new SQL basics training course has been designed specifically to help you master all the fundamentals of SQL. However, what is unique about the course that separates it from other online courses to learn SQL basics.

  • No Restrictions on Learning

One of the first highlights that you can notice with the Whizlabs SQL Basics course is the attention to time. Each chapter in the training course is around 30 minutes in duration on average. So, learners don’t have to invest excessive time for learning SQL basics as they can take out half an hour from their busy schedule every day to complete one chapter. Most important of all, it is not necessary to complete one whole chapter in one day.

  • Support of Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are always ready to assist learners with any doubts in the training course. This offers the opportunity for learners to clarify any doubts immediately and continue their learning journey uninterrupted. 

  • In-Depth Coverage of Course Content

The course content is highly comprehensive and focuses on all essential aspects of getting started with SQL, such as basic and advanced commands and data analysis functionalities with SQL.

Have any questions about the SQL Basics training course? Write in the Whizlabs Forum and get answers by the industry experts.

Final Words

So, you can see that our SQL basics course is a comprehensive instrument for starting your foundation in SQL. The most striking highlight of our new course is the facility of assurance regarding support at all stages of learning. In addition, you would find interactive lectures that engage learners with quizzes and practical demonstrations.

The training course also comes with unlimited access, thereby taking away any restrictions or limits for your learning schedule. Apart from the benefits of the training course, learners must also abide by certain precedents of accountability. Commitment and dedication to your preparations is the proven ingredient to ensure your successful career in SQL.

Start preparing for a bright career in Big data with SQL right now!

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