The demand for machine data analysis and tools for visualization of machine-generated data is increasing constantly. Our beloved community and many aspiring learners have been requesting us to come up with the training course for some of the most popular system monitoring and data visualization tools. Today, we are announcing the launch of our new Splunk basics training course.

Over the years, Splunk has become one of the notable tools for analysis, visualization, and monitoring large volumes of data. Splunk is basically known for its wide range of applications, along with support for working on many variable technologies. It is an advanced technology that has been continuously offering competition to open-source alternatives due to its functionalities.

So, our new Splunk basics online course could help you gain reliable insights on the fundamental concepts of Splunk. The following information outlines the details of our new online course for learning Splunk fundamentals. In addition, readers can also find out a brief outline of the content in the new Whizlabs Splunk basics training course.

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Splunk

Before diving right into the details of the new Whizlabs training course to learn Splunk basics, let’s reflect briefly on some fundamentals. So, let us start with what is Splunk! Splunk is basically a software platform that helps users in searching, monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data in real-time cases. Splunk is capable of providing functionalities such as capturing, indexing, and correlating the real-time data.

It facilitates these functions in a searchable container and also develops dashboards, graphs, visualizations, and alerts. The importance of Splunk is clearly evident in the features it provides for easier access to machine data throughout the organization. As a result, employees have faster and better opportunities for diagnostics and solutions to address different business problems.

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One of the foremost reasons to choose the new Whizlabs Splunk basics training course is the emphasis on real-time processing. As a matter of fact, real-time processing is one of the biggest strengths of Splunk. Therefore, enterprises and users can achieve better control over data movement and extraction of relevant insights through Splunk.

Important Features of Splunk

Splunk provides the dual functionalities of data analysis and system monitoring. Apart from these advantages, you can also find Splunk as a reliable software platform for the following functionalities.

  • Splunk provides support for input data in any format, such as JSON, CSV, or any other format.
  • Allows you to draw accurate predictions regarding the requirements of resources for scaling up a specific infrastructure.
  • Ensures the configuration of Splunk for providing Alerts/Events notification at the beginning of a machine state.
  • Users can ensure the creation of knowledge objects for ensuring achieving operational intelligence. Knowledge objects are user-defined entities that can help in enriching existing data through the extraction of significant information. Knowledge objects could either be alerts, saved searches, reports, event types, lookups, and many others that help in setting up system intelligence.

Why Should I Learn Splunk?

The next important reason for focusing on reliable Splunk basics online training course refers to its functionalities. Generally, Splunk is applicable for the following functions,

  • Analysis of system performance
  • Troubleshooting failure conditions
  • Monitoring business metrics
  • Searching and investigation of a specific outcome
  • Storage and retrieval of data for later use
  • Creation of dashboards for visualization and analysis of results

Your motivation to choose the new Whizlabs Splunk basics training course could receive some fuel through a reflection on Splunk customers.     

  • Intel utilizes Splunk for the transformation of its security posture with radical innovation in data intelligence.
  • Lenovo China leverages Splunk for improving security alongside gaining actionable insights.
  • BookMyShow utilizes Splunk for leveraging data to ensure enhanced innovation and improved customer experience.
  • ABN Amro is capable of achieving improved transparency and promising reductions in downtime with Splunk.
  • The University of San Francisco leverages Splunk for improving its security posture alongside ensuring PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

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Whizlabs Splunk Basics Training Course

As you can notice clearly, you can explore many promising career alternatives by developing your skills in Splunk. Therefore, our new Whizlabs Splunk basics training course is the ideal platform to start learning the fundamentals of Splunk. The new Whizlabs training course on Splunk basics not only deals with fundamentals but also the advanced topics in Splunk.

You can learn Splunk basics and advanced concepts with scenario-based examples to enrich your practical understanding of Splunk. The main objective of this Splunk training course is to help you build your skills for data clustering and visualization by using Splunk. Here is an outline of the chapters you can find in our new training course for learning Splunk fundamentals.

  • Introduction
  • Administration
  • Data sources
  • Forwarder
  • Indexer
  • Knowledge objects
  • Metrics 1
  • Metrics 2
  • Search
  • Visualization

Demo Videos in Splunk Online Course

In addition, the new Whizlabs Splunk basics online course also covers demonstration videos on scenario-based exercises as follows.

  • Installation, Setup, Configuration and Input in Splunk
  • Basic search authentication environment
  • Advanced search
  • Reports, Dashboards, and Alerts

Highlights of Splunk Basics Course

With such comprehensive coverage of content regarding Splunk basics, our Splunk basics training course also provides the following features.

  • Total duration of training videos amounting to 4 hours
  • 14 comprehensive lectures by qualified and highly trained instructors
  • Detailed coverage for all topics related to Splunk fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Unlimited access to the training course on Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices
  • 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee

How Can Whizlabs Splunk Basics Training Course Help You?

It is inevitable for an aspiring learner to wonder about the possible ways in which the Whizlabs Splunk training course can help them. Here is an outline of the notable benefits that learners could gain from our Splunk basics online training course.

  • Modular Approach of the Course

The foremost highlight in the new Whizlabs Splunk training course is the modular approach. The chapters in the training course deal with individual aspects of Splunk. For example, you can find distinct chapters on the important components in Splunk architecture, such as forwarder and indexer. Therefore, new learners wouldn’t have to face any confusion in learning Splunk.

  • Flexible Design of Course Content

The next crucial benefit of the new Whizlabs Splunk fundamentals training course is the duration of chapters. With an average maximum of 20 minutes duration for each chapter, learners can gain knowledge on Splunk with flexibility. There is absolutely no need for turning numerous pages of massive books or sit through excruciating training sessions to learn about Splunk. All you have to do is log in to your device with your credentials and watch the training videos conveniently.

  • Responsive and Relevant Customer Support

The facility of exceptional customer support is one of the fortes of Whizlabs. You can reach out to subject matter experts for reliable assistance regarding any doubts you have in the course. Faster response times and detailed understanding of learner requirements provide a viable strength to the Whizlabs support team.

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Are You Prepared to Learn About Splunk?

Therefore, if you are preparing to develop your skills in Splunk, then you need to register for the Whizlabs Splunk basics training course right now! You can clearly notice that the new Whizlabs training course features credible highlights to support your training in Splunk. By the end of the course, you can gain not only a conceptual understanding of Splunk but also fluency in using it for ideal use cases.

The demonstration videos provided in the training course serve reliable insights for understanding the practical applications of Splunk. In addition, the Splunk basics training course also comes with an unconditional moneyback guarantee that provides safety for your investment.

So, take the first step and register for the Splunk basics course to build a promising career ahead!     

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