Introducing Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners

AWS customers want a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run cloud and enterprise applications. With Amazon Linux 2, AWS customers get an application environment that offers long term support with access to the latest innovations in the Linux ecosystem. from Recent Announcements:

AppSync: how to error on DynamoDB conditional check failures

TL;DR To make an AppSync DynamoDB resolver throw exceptions on conditional check errors, we need to check $context.error in the response mapping template ourselves. Like this: #if ( $ctx.error ) #if ( $ctx.error.type.equals(“DynamoDB:ConditionalCheckFailedException”) ) $util.error(“your error message”) #else $util.error($ctx.error.message, $ctx.error.type) #end #end $utils.toJson($context.result) And now, the longer version. The problem Read more…